The CCC – A centre for success

The Coffee Competence Centre (CCC), the in-house service and training centre in Zuchwil, is a success story with many chapters.

At the CCC, our customers obtain individual coffee concepts and solid know-how of coffee and coffee machines, allowing them to achieve a higher coffee quality, more satisfied customers and higher sales.


With the "Create your own CCC" concept, we support our partners in building their own CCC and sharing in our success.

At the CCC, we train a large number of our employees to become SCAE-certified "Basic Baristas" with the ability to provide expert customer support and satisfied customers.

Research & development
The comprehensive coffee knowledge of our CCC specialists flows directly into the development of new and more advanced coffee machines and leads to innovative technologies.


Courses & services

In the form of differently tailored seminars, the Coffee Competence Centre offers you the choice of getting to know the importance of the various quality and taste influences in coffee preparation.

In addition to this, you will discover from our trainers all the influencing factors in the coffee processing chain as well as how to set the perfect parameters and their affects on the coffee aroma and quality.



Alongside this, the Coffee Competence Centre offers individual assistance in choosing the perfect machine(s) for your coffee concept, training for employees (products, quality and machines) and the cooperation with you and your coffee roaster.
The mutual objective: whether in a café or large-scale outlet, to be able to offer high-quality coffee beverages by means of the well-founded knowledge of coffee preparation. As utmost coffee quality means satisfied guests.

PDFPortrait and courses



Daniel Felber

Daniel Felber is a Technical Trainer in Technical Support at Schaerer AG and an instructor on "The perfect setting" workshop. He has more than 20 years of experience in the coffee business and is SCAE-certified to Barista Level 1 (2009).


    Coffee recipes

    Whether Cherry Lady, Clove Honey or Chocolate Sunrise here are a few coffee recipes.

    PDFCoffee recipes


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