Schaerer Ltd.

Schaerer Ltd.

Schaerer Ltd.

Schaerer Ltd.


Coffee comes to life. Our focus is on providing coffee enjoyment that inspires people's emotions

From the start, Schaerer has endeavoured to unite superior technology with the quest to indulge the senses. This has been instrumental in making us a leading provider of fully automatic, integrated coffee and milk solutions. Thanks to our broad product range and extensive know-how we are a preferred coffee partner for companies and individuals throughout the world who want to enjoy excellent quality and services to the fullest.

Our organisation is committed to the task of applying our knowledge and experience to generate optimal benefits for our customers. Innovation and leadership continue to be the hallmarks of our activities on the market.

Our two-brand strategy forms the basis of our mission within the WMF Corporation. We will continue in the future to exploit our common potential in downstream processes in the interest of maintaining an optimal cost structure.

  • Headquarters: Zuchwil (Solothurn), Switzerland
  • 388 employees (worldwide; Switzerland: 281)
  • Schaerer Ltd., Consolidated revenue 2015: EUR 139.1 million
  • Main shareholder: WMF Group GmbH, Geislingen, Germany
  • Global presence through subsidiaries in Germany, the USA and Belgium and more than 70 partners in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific
  • Quality certificate: ISO 9001:2008 (since 1997),
    ISO 14001:2004 (since 2012)

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Nine decades of progress full steam ahead - Schaerer looks back on 90 years of coffee machine production

For Schaerer, 2014 is an anniversary year. The well-established Swiss company introduced its first coffee machine exactly 90 years ago. This early model did not have much in common with the machines in the current extensive Schaerer portfolio: rather, the simple brewer with two 125 litres con-tainer’s looked much like the sterilisation apparatus with which Schaerer AG had been making its name since its inception in 1892.

The company's extensive knowledge on steam use, its many years of experience in metal processing and its high precision production were the solid foundations underlying the new coffee machine division – which at the time went by the name of "Breakfast Equipment". Through continuous innovation, Schaerer has established itself as a technology leader in the field of coffee machines.

PDFNine decades of progress full steam ahead




Foundation of company; manufacturing sterilisation equipment 


Conversion into a public limited company


Relocation to Wabern near Bern


First traditional coffee machine


First fully automated piston system developed


Launch of first fully automatic coffee machine


Move to Moosseedorf


Founding of Schaerer Germany and USA


Management buy-out by Peter Bigler


Cooperation with WMF AG, Geislingen and launch of Schaerer Coffee Celebration


Launch of Schaerer Coffee Art and Coffee Factory


1.1.06: WMF AG takes over 100% of Schaerer Schaerer remains an independent company and the existing two brand strategy will be maintained


Launch of the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus


Launch of the Schaerer Coffee Vito, transfer of headquarters from Moosseedorf to Zuchwil


Launch of Schaerer Coffee Prime


Launch of Flavour Art


Launch of Best Foam™ for Schaerer Coffee Art Plus


Environmental policy and sustainability

We are committed to a sustainable future

For the sake of sustainability, we strive for solutions in all areas that fulfil ecological and societal requirements yet still safeguard our company's economic viability in the long term. We view this as our responsibility to future generations.

Our maxims in dealing with people are honesty and fairness. We expect this from ourselves, our customers and our suppliers as well. Job security for our employees is as important a matter to us as our commitment to eliminating discrimination of any kind. The materials used in our coffee machines are, wherever possible, derived from resource-conserving processing. Finally, by utilising innovative technologies, we do everything we can to offer you the ultimate in coffee enjoyment with the most efficient energy consumption.


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