Schaerer Coffee Link

The digital kick for your coffee business

With the innovative Schaerer Coffee Link digital service platform, Schaerer is launching a new chapter in the digitalization of professional coffee machines. A wide range of functions, data, statistics and additional services create the foundation for comprehensive monitoring, control and optimization of your coffee business.


Software as a Service

Advanced Analytics

3rd Party Connectivity

Security & Data Privacy


Increase your performance

The Schaerer Coffee Link meets every conceivable requirement when it comes to flexibility, data availability and functional range. The networked applications provide you with maximum transparency for managing your coffee business.



The digital solution's dashboard can be configured to fit your individual needs and delivers a wealth of functions in real-time. Whether performance, machine status or maintenance: the comprehensive analysis and control options provide optimum support for you in all your tasks for monitoring, controlling, managing and optimizing your coffee business.


Know-how Center

At our Know-how Center we have collected a wealth of knowledge, available for you to access in the form of videos and written documentation. These tips not only make it easier for you to utilize the Schaerer coffee machines on a daily basis, but also enable you to remedy any errors yourself.



Images, videos, catalogues, operating instructions and much more: the Media Pool offers a central download point for a wide range of media accessible for you around the clock. Naturally these assets are kept up-to-date at all times.



In the new Online Shop you can purchase cleaning supplies, and Schaerer partners can also buy spare parts and other accessories. The shop gives the current availability of all items and their individual prices.


  • Efficiency improvement
  • All-in-one solution
  • Integrated and connected information
  • Identity and access management
Data Insight


An insight into your data

Advanced Analytics is based on a Business Intelligence Platform and provides you with a large range of analytics for understanding and improving your coffee business. You have a choice here between standard and tailor-made reports. There is also the option to generate analytics yourself thanks to the data access option.

Massgeschneiderte Analysen

Tailor-Made Analytics

With the help of our business analysts and data scientists, we generate tailor-made reports for you that provide answers to your individual queries.

Eigene Analysen

Self-Made Analytics

Our Business Intelligence Platform provides your experts with all the necessary information to generate individual reports themselves.


  • Standard Reports
  • Tailor-Made Analytics
  • Self-Made Analytics
  • Web-based & in real-time


Seamless integration

The digital Schaerer Coffee Link solution can be seamlessly integrated into your existing software infrastructure – from interfaces (APIs) through to complete applications.


  • Integrate your own
    digital applications
  • Connect your own
    networked devices
Geschützt und sicher


We know that your data is critical to the success of your business and needs to be protected against access by third parties. This is why the Schaerer Coffee Link has been developed in compliance with the latest standards for infrastructure, data security as well as identity and access management.

Sicherheit der Infrastruktur

Reliability of the infrastructure

The highly qualified and certified employees in our information security department ensure state-of-the-art IT security with high-resistance firewalls and gateways. We offer end-to-end data security for our coffee machines and the connected devices with virus and malware protection.


Data protection declaration

We comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): your data will be processed and encrypted as required. Contractual agreements as well as the consent of the customer ensure the protection of your information and personal data.

Identität und Zugriff

Identity and access

We have implemented a state-of-the-art identity and access management system that supports IoT requirements. This system provides multifactor and role-based access to data and systems.


  • Latest security infrastructure
  • End-to-end data security
  • Focus on data privacy and control
  • Advanced rights management

Schaerer Coffee Link supports you in optimizing the following areas:


Customize your Schaerer coffee machines using the networked tools.

  • Digital, cross-device all-in-one solution
  • Schaerer Coffee Link facilitates the use of the digital solutions for all machines
  • Innovative promotional opportunities on the machine display


Monitor and control the performance of your coffee business.

  • Comprehensive control functions for measuring machine performance extend operating time
  • Live dashboard for an overview of usage and adjustment of the coffee portfolio
  • Continuous operational readiness can be ensured
  • Improved understanding of consumer preferences via the machine display


Ensure that your machines are ready for use and free of faults.

  • Greater servicing efficiency and more expert knowledge for servicing activities
  • Know-how Center provides knowledge for in-house servicing and reduces service call-outs
  • Continuous operational readiness can be ensured


The digital Schaerer Coffee Link solution is flexible enough to meet your exact requirements.



Freely available

Basic overview and standard reports on the status and performance of your machines.


In addition to the above, you receive detailed information on the consumption and peak times for coffee beverages and ingredients.

Remote functionalities for increasing sales and adjusting your beverage portfolio. Management of user rights and roles within your organization.


Use the additional remote functionalities to improve your service efficiency. Benefit from solutions based on the bundled know-how of our own large service network.


Tailor-Made Analytics

Development of tailored reports in the Business Intelligence (BI) Tool – including advice from our BI experts on request.

Self-Made Analytics

Access to the Business Intelligence (BI) Tool allows you to generate your own reports – including support and advice from our BI experts.