LOGO Schaerer 125 years

125 years of Schaerer AG: that’s more than twelve decades of company history full of innovation and unique milestones!

We would like to take our anniversary as an opportunity to provide you with fascinating insights into the exciting history of our company. Come with us on a journey through time beginning in 1892 with stops along the way at decades which had a significant impact on us.

Schaerer 1892: Medical and hospital Supplies

A new Era

In 1892, on the threshold of the 20th century, Maurice Schaerer laid the foundation for today’s Schaerer AG with his retail shop. Equipped with technical expertise and a deep understanding of engineering, he first developed operating tables as well as sterilization and disinfection equipment. In 1924, the first steam-operated coffee machine followed.

Schaerer 1924: Coffee Praparation Aparatus

Basel Model Exhibition: the beginning of a new era for Schaerer AG

So how did the company, hitherto a specialist in medical devices, begin developing coffee machines? Schaerer’s sterilisation equipment formed the basis for this development.


Schaerer 1957 PIC Manual Doser

Dolce Vita not only in Italy

The 50s were characterised by technical achievements. Many of them made life easier, promised more freedom or were considered as status symbols.


Schaerer KM77

The 70s: Wonders of technology

The 70s are considered the birth of the fully-automatic coffee machine. Schaerer was among the pioneers who made an impact on the industry with the introduction of this innovative technology.


Schaerer Matic

The 80s: Futuristic technology for better coffee

In the 80s, Schaerer set another milestone in the success story of fully automatic coffee machines with the Schaerer Matic.


Schaerer 1990

The 90s: A decade full of innovations

In the 1990s, Schaerer rose to unprecedented heights and with numerous innovations took the lead in the coffee machine industry.


Schaerer 2000

The future, now

As one of the world's leading coffee machine manufacturers, our intention is to further strengthen our position by developing future-oriented technologies and operating concepts.