LOGO Schaerer 125 years
Schaerer Milestones in the company history
1892 Founding of medical company M. Schaerer AG in Bern
1924 The new spirit of the time: The high-volume coffee brewer is launched
1957 Market readiness of the first automatic piston coffee machine
1970 Schaerer presents the first fully-automatic coffee machine
1984 The Schaerer Matic sets new standards in coffee quality
1997 The first automatic cappuccino system takes the coffee world by storm
1999 Founding of the Coffee Competence Centre (CCC)
2003 Development and technology cooperation with German WMF AG
2003 Just arrived on the market and already a classic: The Schaerer Coffee Celebration
2006 Takeover by the WMF Group and commitment to Switzerland as the company location
2007 The Schaerer Coffee Art Plus opens the door to the Schaerer Milk Universe
2009 Launch of the Schaerer Coffee Vito and relocation of the headquarters to Zuchwil
2011 Launch of the Schaerer Coffee Prime with disposable concept for fresh milk
2013 Flavour Art: Flavoured hot and cold coffee-based milk beverages
2014 Premium Coffee Vending: Freshly ground coffee beans and fresh milk for the vending industry
2015 Best Foam™: Revolutionary milk system for coffee preparation with the skill of a barista
2015 The tailor-made M2M Coffee Link telemetry solution is available
2016 As part of the WMF Group, Schaerer is now part of the Groupe SEB
2017 Launch of the Schaerer Coffee Soul: It contains the fully-automatic Uptime! descaling system
2017 Launch of the Schaerer Barista: Sieve and fully-automatic coffee machine hybrid
2017 Launch of the Schaerer Coffee Club as the entry model for the professional sector