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Schaerer 1924 Coffee Preparation Apparatus
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Basel Model Exhibition: the beginning of a new era for Schaerer AG

So how did the company, hitherto a specialist in medical devices, begin developing coffee machines? Schaerer’s sterilisation equipment formed the basis for this development. In the early 1920s, these devices began using pressurised water vapour instead of the chemical processes which had been common in the past. 

The company’s extensive knowledge on the use of steam, as well as its many years of experience in metal processing and high precision in production formed the basis for the development of the first Schaerer coffee machines in 1924. These modern machines were first introduced at the Basel model exhibition in the 1920s, where they were admired by visitors.

So it’s no wonder that the first high-volume brewer was more reminiscent of a piece of sterilisation equipment than professional coffee machines as we know them today. These modern machines were first introduced at the Basel model exhibition where they were admired by visitors. Their description in brochures was just as technical as their design: “The machine is made of A1 hammered copper sheet, brazed, internally plated with English tin, with a high-gloss nickel finish on the outside, and has a water level, hot water extraction tap, steam pipe and coffee filter”.

Incidentally, the machine prepared not only coffee, tea, hot milk, hot chocolate and bouillon, but also grog. With this development, Schaerer kept its finger firmly on the pulse and heralded a new era for the company with the restoration machine BERNA and the steam appliance BREAKFAST with connected coffee machine.

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