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In the 1990s, Schaerer rose to unprecedented heights and with numerous innovations took the lead in the coffee machine industry.

One of the milestones was the launch of the Schaerer Euroca fully automated coffee machine in 1993. At the heart of this bestseller that effortlessly made up to 240 cups: the robust Schaerer plastic brewing unit. This was used for the first time in the Euroca and thanks to its technical superiority is still being installed in Schaerer coffee machines to this day. Another highlight of the 90s was the Schaerer Ambiente, launched in 1996. Developed to supply coffee in offices, cinemas and small bistros, it won converts with a very attractive price point and permitted the effortless preparation of various coffee beverages at the push of a button, including cappuccino and similar drinks thanks to the integrated milk system.

The 90s also saw the founding of the Coffee Competence Center to reflect Schaerer's extensive coffee expertise and passion for coffee. This in-house training and advice centre for topics relating to coffee supports customers and partners with a comprehensive range of services, and does so much more, too. The insights gained here are continuously incorporated into the development of new technologies for coffee and milk preparation.

Schaerer Euroca: Child of its time
The robust Schaerer plastic brewing unit was used for the first time in the Euroca. This resulted in a frenetic start to the 1990s. With their minimalist and functional design, the Euroca models had a cutting edge appearance for their time. The inner values of the machine also facilitated numerous high-convenience options such as the automatic cleaning program with a tablet, chip card programming and the intuitive control panel. In addition to this, the Euroca offered modular expansion and integration options in line with the relevant catering concept. Custom colour options were also available for the first time.

Schaerer - Die 90er Jahren

Schaerer Ambiente all-rounder
The Schaerer Ambiente was the new high point in terms of fully automatic top quality: at the push of a button, one of five different coffee specialities could be prepared in just a few seconds, with simultaneous dispensing of hot water. With a total of three model variants and the optional integrated milk system, Schaerer Ambiente quite rightly achieved the top position with the maximum options for flexibility, and not just in Switzerland. At a time when internationalisation was gaining more and more ground, the Schaerer Ambiente conquered countries such as Japan, Poland, Great Britain and the Netherlands – and even broke through to the US.

Schaerer - Die 90er Jahren

Schaerer Coffee Competence Centre
Shortly before the turn of the century, Schaerer opened its own Coffee Competence Centre (CCC). The CCC represents "swiss coffee competence" to this very day and is both a training centre and a separate registered trademark of Schaerer AG in Zuchwil. Customers, partners and employees are provided with valuable coffee knowledge, from the various factors affecting quality and taste during coffee preparation to the correct machine parameter settings for the best possible beverage quality. The range of services offered by the CCC also includes developing custom or market-specific coffee concepts and beverage recipes.