The perfect setting

Optimal coffee beverages.

The perfect setting - step by step to the best coffee in the cup

Coffee is a natural product and is therefore influenced by many different factors. The coffee machine is only one piece of the mosaic. The sum of each individual element contributes to success, such as the quality of the roasted coffee, the ideal water and the perfect setting of the coffee machine.

An excellent coffee machine does not necessarily guarantee good coffee if the machine is not adjusted accordingly.
With the manual "The perfect setting", specially designed by Schaerer and further developed by Coffee Competence trainer Monika Oeggerli, we provide you with a detailed, comprehensible and practice-oriented tool to help you in serving your guests the perfect cup - this includes sensory and visual coffee assessment, the right choice of coffee and also what to consider in terms of water, and much more.

The handbook is divided into seven clear sections covering the following topics:

Part 1) Step by step to the optimal coffee drink.
Part 2) Machine settings for "coffee”
Part 3) Machine settings "milk”
Part 4) "Features and options" explanation
Part 5) Drink definition
Part 6) Quality control
Part 7) Cleaning and serving tips

The various setting options of a Schaerer coffee machine are shown in detail using the example of the Schaerer Coffee Soul with "Select" concept.

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Step-by-step to the optimal coffee beverage

Step 1

Defining the preferred or desired coffee flavour.

Step 2

Select the coffee blend or the "Single origin" that matches the flavour profile you require.

Step 3

Checking the water quality.

Step 4

Setting the coffee machine for coffee.

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Step 5

Setting the coffee machine for milk and milk foam.

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Course offerings

All-around perfect coffee – this is what 360° coffee competence stands for. This includes the ideal coffee machine as well as essential knowledge about coffee and preparing it professionally.

Introduction to the multifaceted world of coffee: basic knowledge about green and roasted coffee, coffee brewing and preparation, and service recommendations. This day course can also be attended in individual modules.

Here we take you through the fascinating world of coffee in the country of origin. The module is aimed at participants who want to get a first overview of coffee in the growing countries. We show the path of coffee from the blossom to the green coffee. The module is rounded off with information on coffee varieties, processing methods and current market data.

In this module we dive into the exciting world of coffee sensory. During two hours the senses "taste and smell" will be awakened and sensitized. In addition to theoretical knowledge, many practical exercises are offered to experience the harmony between taste, aroma, mouthfeel and balance.

This module is about the basics of roasting. It will be explained how a roasting machine works and is operated and what happens to the bean during roasting. Terms such as Maillard effect, burn-in, "first and second crack", quenching, roasting profiles, etc. will be explained to you in the theoretical part and then made tangible during roasting.

In this module, participants will learn the basics of coffee preparation. In addition, you will receive initial information on water and its influence on coffee quality. Some tips on how to optimize and/or maintain coffee quality will also be covered.

The optimal setting of a coffee machine offers opportunities and challenges at the same time. The course explains the individual parameters of the coffee machine and how they must be adjusted or corrected if the beverage does not taste good or no longer tastes good. Machine maintenance and service for optimal customer satisfaction are further topics in this course, as well as basic knowledge about milk and milk foaming.

Sensory perception is an important aspect of the coffee business. Building on the basic course "360° Coffee Knowledge", the ability to recognize the positive characteristics of coffee/coffee taste and to distinguish, describe and evaluate the tastes and aromas of an espresso is trained.





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