The CCC – A centre for success

All-around perfect coffee – this is what 360 º coffee expertise stands for. This includes the ideal coffee machine as well as essential knowledge about coffee. We impart this professional expertise in our Coffee Competence Centre (CCC) and provide you with support to make your coffee operations even more successful.

As a manufacturer of leading world-renowned coffee machines, we at Schaerer are fully fledged experts on coffee. We would like to share this knowledge with our customers and partners in our Coffee Competence Centre (CCC). The CCC has existed since 1999 and offers professional seminars as well as individualised consulting – for the best quality in the cup.

At Schaerer, we not only have the mission to manufacture high-end machines, but also to support our customers and partners – with 360° coffee expertise. 

Where coffee specialists and coffee enthusiasts meet

For the people who work at Schaerer, coffee is more than just a job – it’s a passion. This passion is accompanied by a desire for greater knowledge. Knowledge that begins far in advance of the coffee preparation process and goes well beyond coffee machine technology.

Green coffee, roasting, preparation, technology and market trends – we consider each and every facet of coffee and channel our knowledge into new developments and consulting for individual requirements.

In a range of modules that build on each other, the CCC gives you the opportunity to learn about the importance of the various quality factors in coffee preparation. 

In addition to this, you will discover more about all the influencing factors in the processing chain as well as how to configure the right parameters and their effects on flavour and quality – all from a professional source.


Courses and services

At the Coffee Competence Centre, our customers and partners get the skills to become coffee experts. In varying, mutually reinforcing modules, they become familiar with the relevant quality and taste factors in coffee production and preparation. Additionally, they learn which parameters affect coffee quality. Whether for novices or for those who are more advanced, our courses are just as varied as a good cup of coffee.

The CCC provides individual support in identifying and selecting the right machine(s) for your coffee operations, training your employees (products, quality and machines) and/or establishing a great working relationship with your coffee roaster.

Together with you, we want to offer high-quality coffee beverages, courtesy of our qualified knowledge on all things around coffee – whether in a café or large-scale operation. The highest coffee quality means satisfied guests.


Learn from the specialist

True coffee expertise is composed of well-founded knowledge and many years of experience.

Just add a healthy dose of passion, and you will have perfectly described Monika Oeggerli, Schaerer Coffee Competence Trainer. Every coffee seminar with her is not only a valuable transmission of knowledge, but also a captivating source of inspiration. As a result, you will see coffee with different eyes, or rather, perceive it with all senses.


Monika Oeggerli's expertise:

  • Seventeen years in marketing (Product and Brand Manager),
    4 years of which as Product Manager for Fair Trade Coffee and Cocoa
  • Two and a half years of international development work in marketing and sales in a cocoa and coffee project in Bolivia
  • CAS qualification from “The Science and Art of Coffee” at the Wädenswil/Zurich University of Applied Sciences

  • SCA Coffee Diploma with a focus on “Sensory Professional” (SCA: Specialty Coffee Association)
  • CCC Trainer at Schaerer AG since September 2017
  • Board Member of SCA Schweiz since May 2019


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