All-around perfect coffee – this is what 360° coffee competence stands for. This includes the ideal coffee machine as well as essential knowledge about coffee and preparing it professionally.

We communicate this expertise at our Coffee Competence Centre (CCC), and provide you with support to make your coffee business even more successful.


«Entry-level» courses offered

360º Coffee Knowledge - one-day course

Introduction to the wide world of coffee: Basic knowledge about green and roasted coffee, coffee brewing and preparation as well as service recommendations. This one-day course can also be attended in individual modules.


Green Coffee and Processing

Here, we guide you through the fascinating world of coffee in its country of origin. This module is intended for participants who would like to get an introduction to coffee in the countries where it is grown. We show you the journey of the coffee from the flower right through to the green coffee. Information involving coffee varieties, different processing methods and current market data round out the module.


The Harmony of the Sensory Experience

In this module, we will dive into the exciting world of coffee as a sensory experience. In the course of two hours, the senses of taste and smell are roused and sensitised. Along with theoretical knowledge, several practical exercises are also offered in order to really experience the harmony between taste, aroma, mouthfeel and balance.

Coffee Refinement / Practical Roasting

In this module, you will learn about the basics of roasting. It illustrates how a roasting machine works and is operated, as well as what happens to the bean during the roasting process. Concepts such as Maillard effect, penetration, “first and second crack”, quenching, roasting profiles, etc. are explained in the theoretical section and then brought to life with a roasting.


Introduction to Coffee Brewing

This module teaches participants about basic knowledge of coffee preparation. In addition, you will obtain fundamental information on water and its influence of coffee quality. A few tips as to how coffee quality can be optimised and/or maintained will also be discussed.


«Advanced» courses offered

Machine understanding - one-day course

Optimal coffee machine configuration presents both opportunities and challenges. The course illustrates the individual coffee machine parameter settings and explains how they have to be adjusted or corrected if the beverage does not taste good or no longer tastes good. Machinery maintenance and service for optimum customer satisfaction are additional topics in this course, as well as basic knowledge of milk and milk foam.

The Sensory Experience in Theory and Practice - one-day course

Sensory perception is an important aspect of the coffee business. Based on the “360° Coffee Knowledge” basic course, this course teaches the skill of identifying the positive characteristics of coffee and coffee taste and how to differentiate, describe and assess the tastes and aromas of an espresso.



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