Machine Understanding

Only those who understand the coffee machine can correctly use it. This starts with the basic settings and ends with perfect machine maintenance.

A professional course for anyone who wants precise knowledge on how to correctly configure a fully automatic machine. Theoretical knowledge will be taught and the opportunity to directly apply this knowledge will be provided. Optimally configuring and selecting the parameters to take full advantage of the coffee machine options: This is the goal.

Course content

Explanation of the procedure for configuring a coffee machine, practical session on the fully automatic machine. Correct configuration of the grinding level, changing the temperature. Demonstrating and practising together how the quality of the beverage is tasted and checked. Machine maintenance and service tips. The topic of milk and milk foam will also be discussed.

Course objectives 

  • Knowing the individual parameter settings on the coffee machine as well as what impact they have.
  • Knowing how to configure/correct the machine if the beverage does not taste good or no longer tastes good.
  • Knowing the most important measures for correct machine maintenance.
  • Achieving a level of service expertise which makes it possible to serve the perfect beverage.

Key information

  • Course duration: 9:15 am to 4:30 pm
  • Course size: 4-6 paticipants
  • Course location: Coffee Competence Centre, Schaerer AG in Zuchwil, Switzerland
  • Course costs: CHF 380.00 plus VAT


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Maximum 4 machine configurations can be compared.

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