Green Coffee and Processing

From the flower of the coffee plant to the export of the beans: In this course module, you get insight into the origin of coffee and the production processes in the cultivating countries.

We will show you the different phases and steps in coffee production from A to Z. This includes a coffee tasting as well as information on coffee varieties, different processing methods and quality control in the growing region and current market conditions.


Course content

An overview of the types of coffee and the most important origin countries and growing regions, supplemented with relevant market figures. Basic knowledge about growing, harvesting and processing methods is illustrated, and we give you the opportunity to experience coffee with all your senses in a coffee tasting. Facts and figures on quality control and storage in the country of origin as well as on green coffee beans ready for shipment.

Course objectives

  • Knowledge of the development and versatility of (green) coffee.
  • Perception and sensory experience of the diversity of coffee types and their aromatic and flavour nuances.
  • Heightened awareness of coffee as a natural and gourmet product.

Key information

  • Course duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Course size: 4-6 paticipants
  • Course location: Coffee Competence Centre, Schaerer AG in Zuchwil, Switzerland
  • Course costs: CHF 150.00 plus VAT


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