Introduction to the harmony of the sensory experience

Module information

In this module we will dive into the exciting world of coffee as a sensory experience. In the course of two hours, the senses «taste and aroma» are roused and sensitised. Along with theoretical knowledge, several practical exercises are also offered in order to really experience the harmony between taste, aroma, mouthfeel and balance.

Module contents

In this basic module, we begin with the introduction to the sensory experience by refining our senses of taste and smell while learning theoretical knowledge. The difference between taste and aroma is clarified and the perception thereof is trained with many hands-on exercises. What do the mouth and tongue perceive, and what happens orthonasally and retronasally during a coffee tasting?

A coffee tasting with coffees from various growing areas, with various types of preparation, will follow the above-mentioned theoretical and practical components. As a result, the concepts that are learned can be implemented in practice directly. 

Course objectives

  • In a brief introduction, the participants get to know about the variety of sensual experiences relating to coffee.
  • You can distinguish and clarify the terms aroma and taste.
  • You perceive the various aromas and tastes in the coffee.

Course terms and conditions

  • No prior knowledge necessary
  • Course costs: CHF 150.00 plus VAT
  • Course size: The class is limited to size of 4-6 people.
  • Course duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Course location: Coffee Competence Centre/ Schaerer AG in Zuchwil, Switzerland
  • Invoicing: Invoicing will be carried out following course confirmation via separate post. The entire course fee will still be charged if you cancel within 7 days of the scheduled course date.
  • Insurance/liability: Insurance coverage (liability, accident, etc.) is at the discretion of the course participants themselves. Schaerer AG accepts no liability


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