Coffee Refinement and Practical Roasting

You will learn the basics of roasting here. You will learn what happens to the bean during roasting. And you will learn how a roasting machine works and is operated.

Do you know what Maillard effect, penetration, “first and second crack” and quenching mean? Does the term heat transfer mean anything to you? How about roasting cycle, roasting profile and degree of roasting? We will give you an understanding of these terms and their meanings in the first part of this module. In the second part, you will get to start roasting.

Course content

Explanation of a wide variety of terms having to do with refinement of coffee beans and the roasting process. The interaction between energy supply, temperature profile and roasting duration and their effect on taste and aroma. Which levels of roasting are suitable for which beverages, which properties do a dark or light roast have? What are the most important roasting processes and roasting systems? Practical section: Roasting your own coffee or espresso.

Course objectives 

  • Understanding the roasting process from the beginning to end.
  • Recognising the importance of the roast and the associated challenges and opportunities.
  • Knowing which degree of roast is appropriate for which beverage.
  • Trying to roast your own coffee.

Key information

  • Course duration: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Course size: 4-6 paticipants
  • Course location: Coffee Competence Centre, Schaerer AG in Zuchwil, Switzerland
  • Course costs: CHF 200.00 plus VAT


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