Best Foam™

Unique variety of beverages

Best Foam™

Fully automated,
with consistently high quality

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus with Best Foam™

Milk-based coffee compositions of top barista quality

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus

Top performance in all variations


Schaerer Coffee Art Plus

Top performance in all variations

  • Numerous options and configurations
  • Milk Universe
  • Recommended daily output: up to 250 beverages per day
  • Extensive beverage variety
  • Easy to operate and clean

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, chain stores, quick service restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, takeaways


Best Foam™ – Milk foam of top barista quality

  • Creamy milk foam with silky smooth, snow white surface.
  • Milk foam quality corresponds to the highest SCAE milk foam level.
  • Heating with steam generates hot milk foam corresponding to a manual barista foam (approx. 12 % water content in the milk foam).
  • Perfect combination of crema and milk foam gives a special taste experience.

PDFBrochure Schaerer Coffee Art Plus with Best Foam™


  • Permanently reproducible quality – by every employee.
  • "Easy Setting" for really easy modification of the beverage components with no need to be familiar with the technical processes.
  • Exceptional range of foam consistencies (liquid to very firm) and various milk temperatures can be preset.
  • Outstanding level of freedom for recipes and the creation of new  beverages.

Flavour Art

Be they caramel, hazelnut, macadamia, banana, coconut, tiramisu or chocolate flavoured, there are no limits to the fancy coffee and milk beverages you can create. The new Schaerer Coffee Art Plus Flavour Point syrup system processes up to four syrup flavours and guarantees enormous flexibility when it comes to creating individual beverage specialities. The specific mixture of syrup flavour, milk and coffee can be programmed for each beverage and saved using a button on the touch screen. The reproduction of exotic recipes in consistently high quality at the touch of a button is child's play.

  • Processes up to four syrup flavours and liquids containing alcohol
  • Programming of the relevant syrup, milk and coffee mixture to suit the beverage and the taste
  • An extraordinarily wide range of beverages – one machine. There are more than 400 potential individual beverages made from coffee, milk, milk foam and four syrup flavours (in two sizes)
  • Easy cleaning
Flavour Art


Product details

8-button panel freely programmable for 16 beverages (230 V)

16-button panel, freely programmable for 36 beverages (400 V)

7" TouchIT panel for up to 40 beverages, self-service version

Additional buttons for hot water and steam options

Height-adjustable outlet

Display-guided cleaning

Lockable bean hoppers

Bean hopper extension for 2 kg

Bean hoppers in coffee shop Design

Barista-button for adjusting beverage strength

Container for one powder variety, e.g. Choco or Topping

Container for two powder varieties, e.g. Choco and Topping

Inlet for ground coffee

Cup warmer, capacity: 70 – 100 cups

Cup dispenser


Milk systems – one-step

Impeccable hygiene according to the HACCP concept
All Schaerer milk systems meet the HACCP hygiene analysis and feature an automatic cleaning programme. The elements in contact with coffee are cleaned automatically – quickly, easily and reliably. Periodic intermediate rinses can be programmed as well.


CS Cold Milk System

Hot, warm or cold milk beverages and coffee-based milk beverages at the press of a button.

  • Milk foam quality adjustable and milk temperature for each product programmable
  • Milk foam; cold milk foam as an option
  • Consistent milk and milk foam beverages
  • Milk is conveyed by a pump and heated by steam
  • Fully automatic cleaning
  • Intermediate rinsing with steam sterilisation

Milk Smart

Hot or warm milk beverages and coffee-based milk beverages at the press of a button (no cold milk beverages).

  • Adjustable milk foam quality and temperature
  • Milk is conveyed and heated by steam
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Intermediate rinsing with steam sterilisation

Centre Milk

One milk cooling unit for two coffee machines. Available as a 1×8-litre version or as a 2×4-litre version (one milk variety per machine). Available for CS Cold Milk System and Milk Smart.

Under-machine cooling unit

Space-saving milk storage under the coffee machine or counter. Capacity for 9,5 litres. Available for CS Cold Milk System and Milk Smart.

Cup & Cool

A cup warmer and cooling unit in one. Capacity: 60 cups on 3 levels and 4 litres of milk. Available for Milk Smart.

Under-machine cooling unit

Space-saving milk storage under the counter with the Cold Milk System or a customer supplied cooling unit. This system can be used to supply two coffee machines with milk or to process two milk varieties. Available for CS Cold Milk System.

Twin Milk

Cooling unit for two milk varieties (2×4 litres), e.g. for whole milk and skimmed milk or whole milk and soya drink. More beverage variety! Available for CS Cold Milk System.


Steam wands – two-step



  • For heating milk manually
  • Manual milk frothing
  • Ideal for establishments with professional baristas


  • For heating milk fully automatically (programmable temperature)
  • Manual milk frothing

Supersteam oder Finesteam

  • Fully automatic milk frothing and heating (programmable temperature and texture)
  • For frothing milk in small quantities or directly into the cup

Configurations & product comparison


Basic Machine

Basic model SCA P with one boiler

Compare this product


SCA P with 3 boilers, touch screen, Cold Milk System and under-machine cooling unit, perfectly
suited for self-service operation

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Coffee Shop

SCA P with three boilers, "Powersteam" steam wand for the professional barista, shown with bean hoppers in coffee shop design

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Fully Equipped

SCA P fully equipped with Cup Warmer, Cold Milk System, Powder System (Twin Choco) and Flavour Point

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With Schaerer you can rely on

More than just coffee machine technology. In our in-house Coffee Competence Centre, qualified trainers convey comprehensive coffee expertise along the entire value creation chain and assist by providing sound advice in all issues relating to the manufacturing process. With this outlook, Schaerer has been able to clearly set itself apart from the competition over the last few years.

“Swiss made” at Schaerer means:

  • Swiss engineering: Our professional coffee machines are developed entirely at our headquarters in Switzerland.
  • Swiss manufacturing: Our coffee machines are manufactured at our headquarters in Switzerland.
  • Swiss services: Every coffee machine is accompanied by a comprehensive service package for training, service and support from Switzerland.


Direct training courses and expert training manuals are used to train and continuously educate technicians worldwide, keeping their knowledge up-to-date with the latest Schaerer developments. Schaerer also offers an eLearning platform providing technicians with self-study options as well as tips and tricks to support them in their daily work.

Schaerer Online Services offers interactive tools and information platforms for partners and customers.

After entering their log-in details and password in the members' area of this website, partners and customers can access the online services area, which includes the MediaCentre with images, brochures, presentations, technical documentation, machine software and planner data (DXF) as well as the Spare Parts Online Centre and the Schaerer eLearning.


For the sake of sustainability, we strive for solutions in all areas that fulfil ecological and societal requirements yet still safeguard our company's economic viability in the long term. The materials used in our coffee machines are, wherever possible, derived from resource-conserving processing. Finally, by utilising innovative technologies, we do everything we can to offer you the ultimate in coffee enjoyment with the most efficient energy consumption.

Plastic brewing unit

  • Tried and tested over 400,000 times
  • Absolutely tasteless
  • Superb coffee quality


  • Tried and tested over 300,000 times
  • 3-boiler technology (chromium steel) for the individual
  • temperature control of coffee, tea and steam
  • Small boilers with a large output, and the water is always fresh


  • Tried and tested over 500,000 times
  • Small interiors (beans in the hopper are always fresh)
  • High precision, slow-running compact grinding discs (reduced grinding temperature)


  • Over 15 years of experience in processor technology
  • Latest software and hardware technology
  • Schaerer software development and programming


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not available

Maximum 4 machine configurations can be compared.

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