Schaerer Coffee Soul

Schaerer Coffee Soul

Schaerer Coffee Soul

Schaerer Coffee Soul

Schaerer Coffee Soul


Pioneer of a new generation

  • Recommended daily output: up to 250 beverages per day
  • Compact width of just 33 cm
  • Maximum variety and top beverage quality thanks to Best Foam™
  • Easy to operate and clean

Ideal for the usage in restaurants, bars, offices and vending areas


Why should you choose the Schaerer Coffee Soul?

The Coffee Soul in restaurants and coffee bars

  • Maximum variety and top beverage quality thanks to Best FoamTM and the option of storing up to 200 different drink configurations.
  • Large coffee bean hopper with capacity of 1200 grams.
  • Powder system with container for chocolate or milk powder for up to 70 beverages.
  • Grounds container for approx. 60-70 grounds cakes.

The Coffee Soul for self-service

  • Display: Intuitive user guidance with quick-selection programme for up to twelve beverages.
  • One cup position for all beverages. Separate outlets prevent contamination of the beverages.
  • Lockable front panel prevents access by third parties.
  • Robust design.
  • Compatible with all common payment systems, on request.

The Coffee Soul for offices and premium vending

  • Top beverage quality for premium vending using fresh milk.
  • Can be extended with the digital solution Schaerer Coffee Link.
  • Easy to clean: Automatic cleaning programme for coffee, milk and powder system.
  • Easy supply/filling.

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Hot & Cold

Brewed hot, served cold
The innovative “Hot & Cold” technology of the Schaerer Coffee Soul opens undreamt-of possibilities for the creation of refreshing coffee specialities - with or without ice cubes. 

  • Brewed at 90° Celsius
  • Cooled down to 30-35° Celsius
  • Quick preparation
  • Intense flavour
  • Ice melts slower

Hot & Cold
Whether iced café crèmes or cold cappuccinos: The optional “Hot & Cold” feature enables automatic preparation of the latest popular cold beverages at the highest level of quality. With the motto “brewed hot, served cold”, the freshly-ground coffee is first brewed conventionally at 90 °C. As preparation continues, the beverage cooling system developed by Schaerer cools the coffee down to about 30 to 35 °C. If ice cubes are added to the pre-cooled coffee, they melt slower and the beverage keeps its intense aromatic flavour. For milk-based coffee specialities, the patented Best FoamTM milk system provides cold milk as well as milk foam in up to four different consistencies with the skill of a barista. 


Best Foam™ – Milk foam of top barista quality

Desire for variety
The Coffee Soul can be fitted with the patented Best Foam™ milk system as an option, allowing you to prepare barista-style hot and cold milk foam for top-quality milk-based coffee specialities.

  • Creamy milk foam with silky smooth, snow white surface.
  • Milk foam quality corresponds to the highest SCAE milk foam level.
  • Heating with steam generates hot milk foam corresponding to a manual barista foam (approx. 12 % water content in the milk foam).
  • Perfect combination of crema and milk foam gives a special taste experience.
  • Permanently reproducible quality – by every employee.
  • "Easy Setting" for really easy modification of the beverage components with no need to be familiar with the technical processes.
  • Exceptional range of foam consistencies (liquid to very firm) and various milk temperatures can be preset.
  • Outstanding level of freedom for recipes and the creation of new  beverages.

PDFBrochure Best Foam™



Easy, fun operation
The Coffee Soul provides maximum variety by allowing you to store 32 beverages, each of which can be configured with additional options – all via intuitive operation of the 8" touch display. Would you like to use the Coffee Soul for self-service? The display can be switched to a quick-selection programme for up to twelve beverages. Thanks to the attractive display and large symbols, everyone can prepare their favourite drink easily.


Standard equipment

8" TouchIT user interface: 4 tabs, each with 8 beverage buttons.

8" TouchIT user interface: Up to 12 buttons, e.g. for self-service.

One grinder with bean hopper for 1200 grams of coffee beans.

Hot water outlet for making tea. Cold and hot water can be dispensed at the same time.

Height-adjustable outlet 65 to 185 mm for single and/or double dispensing.

Cleaning the mixing bowl: simply remove and reinsert for exceptionally easy cleaning.

Barista key for setting flavour intensity.

Integrated grounds container for approx. 60-70 grounds cakes.

Digital manometer displays the brewing pressure and underlines the athletic design.

Cup positioning for single and double dispensing.

Uptime! descaling system Simple descaling without any interruption to service.

Animated user support visualises important processes and simplifies operation.

USB stick easily accessible for convenient data backup and software updates.


Extension possibilities

“Hot & Cold” technology for fully-automatic preparation of cold coffee specialities - with or without ice.

Twin Topping container for stocking two different toppings, for example white and dark chocolate.

10,4“ TouchIT user interface.

Water can be dispensed at the same time for making tea and other hot beverages.

Best FoamTM milk system for the preparation of barista-quality coffee-and-milk specialities and milk foam.

Lockable cooling unit, front panel, beams and powder container.

Second grinder with bean hopper for 1200 grams of coffee beans.

Powersteam for manual milk frothing and heating.

Powder system with 2000-gram powder container for chocolate or topping powder.

Self-kit: hot water dispensing via central, height-adjustable outlet with cup positioning aid.

Under-counter grounds disposal is quick and easy to integrate.

Hot water supplied via separate outlet for preparing Americanos.

The Schaerer Coffee Link digital solution provides comprehensive information for quality assurance as well as the monitoring and optimisation of individual business processes. 




Basic equipment without fresh milk / single grinder

Schaerer Coffee Soul with a grinder and hot water outlet.

Full equipment

Schaerer Coffee Soul with two grinders, powder system, Best FoamTM fresh milk system, side cooling unit, hot water outlet and Powersteam. 

Self-service version

Schaerer Coffee Soul with two grinders, powder system, Best FoamTM fresh milk system and side cooling unit.

Illuminated cup warmer

Available as a wide (368 x 585 x 547 mm) or thin (286 x 587 x 542 mm) version.

Under-machine cooling unit 

for 9.5 litres of milk with level sensor.

Cup & Cool

Combines illuminated cup warmer and milk cooling unit with level sensor. Available as a thin version (286 x 587 x 566 mm) for 4.0 litres and a wide version (368 x 587 x 569 mm) for 9.5 litres of milk.



Systematic descaling
The patent-pending Uptime! descaling system developed by Schaerer is a true innovation: it prevents scale-related malfunctions by prompting you to carry out the necessary descaling in good time. To use the system, simply insert a cartridge and start the descaling process. The coffee machine is ready for use again within a very short amount of time – when the descaling process is started at night, the machine is ready for service first thing in the morning, meaning it won't interrupt service.



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Maximum 4 machine configurations can be compared.

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