Schaerer Coffee Skye

Schaerer Coffee Skye

Schaerer Coffee Skye

Schaerer Coffee Skye


Serve first-class quality and the greatest variety anywhere your guests want to enjoy tasty coffee specialities!

Whether on the counter of a restaurant or outside on the terrace at an event: The new Schaerer Coffee Skye can be used practically anywhere! Thanks to the slim dimensions and the integrated 4.9-litre water tank, the machine can be set up at nearly any location where a power connection is available. The Schaerer Coffee Skye offers numerous equipment options and three graphical user interfaces (GUI) that allow it to be configured individually to fit customer requirements.

What is it intended for?

Areas with mid-level demand, including:

  • Restaurants and fast food restaurants
  • Filling stations
  • Bakeries
  • Convenience stores
  • Event catering
  • Offices
  • Snack bars and bars for non-alcoholic beverages

Why should you go for a Coffee Skye?

Ideal for mid-level demand
Thanks to the integrated water tank with 4.9-litre capacity, the Schaerer Coffee Skye serves the highest quality of coffee wherever coffee drinks are served. It is designed for mid-level demand with an hourly/daily output of up to 180 cups, which is why it’s the perfect fit between the Schaerer Coffee Club and the Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and 12.

Unites aesthetics and functionality
The Schaerer Coffee Skye stands out with the aesthetic design typical for Schaerer: The display, which is deliberately set off from the housing, the coloured design elements and the accentuated lighting give the machine an elegant yet light feel. But the design concept also stands for flexibility and functionality: For example, the milk cooling unit can be positioned on the right or left thanks to the side openings.

Customised machine equipment
The Schaerer Coffee Skye stands for freedom of configuration and can be equipped to perfectly fit the respective area of application and customer requirements. The «Select» concept familiar from the Schaerer Coffee Soul is also the basis of this machine and offers a selection adapted to the mid-range price segment.

8-inch touch screen with three operating modes tailored to the area of application
Preparing drinks is user friendly thanks to the high-resolution 8-inch touch screen of the Schaerer Coffee Skye. It also plays videos, so it can be used for animations and advertising videos when in standby mode. The three “Guest”, “Favourite” and “Staff” graphical user interfaces allow for optimal adaptation to the respective business model.

Simple installation plan and service processes
All connections required for installation (main power, additional devices, possible mains water supply, waste water drain) are accessible from the front of the Schaerer Coffee Skye and the connector for the waste water hose can also be removed without tools. A special feature for daily service is the functional lighting on both sides of the central beverage outlet. It provides information on the current status of the machine with the colours white (ready for operation), yellow (action required soon), and red (action required now). The service staff can see from far away if anything needs doing.


Optional functions

These and other optional features are available for configuring the machine to customer needs:

Mains water supply
In addition to the 4.9-litre water tank, the Schaerer Coffee Skye can be equipped with a mains water supply. The connection setup includes the Schaerer Uptime! descaling system, which descales the machine overnight.

Pure Foam milk system
For high beverage quality and a wide variety of milk-based coffee specialities, the Schaerer Coffee Skye can be equipped with the new Pure Foam milk system. It prepares hot and cold milk as well as creamy, fine-pored hot milk foam. The output temperature of hot milk and milk foam ranges from 50 °C to 70 °C.

For manual milk foaming, the Schaerer Coffee Skye can also be equipped with the Powersteam steam wand, for example for serving vegan coffee specialities based on plant-based drinks.

Additional grinder and topping container
To expand the range of beverages, there is the option of equipping the machine with a second grinder (capacity 750 g per bean hopper) and a single or twin topping container (capacity 1 x 2000 g or 2 x 1000 g).

Espresso grinding discs
If a grinder is used primarily for espresso drinks, it is worth getting the special espresso grinding discs. With these discs, the grinding level can be set even finer to obtain the ideal grain size for extracting a perfect Italian espresso.



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Maximum 4 machine configurations can be compared.

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