We love it your way

Customer-oriented, flexible and with extensive coffee knowledge, Schaerer helps customers offer their guests the highest level of coffee enjoyment at all times. Instead of an “off the rack” solution, at Schaerer, you get a customised concept which is adjusted to your individual wishes and business model. At centre stage of our brand philosophy is the “We love it your way” slogan. These three symbols stand for the Schaerer core values: The heart is for flexibility and the coffee bean for coffee expertise. The coffee cup is the frame for these two values as well as the symbolisation of our Swiss roots. These are the values we live by: Every customer is important and we feel strongly about always offering them the right solution for their individual needs.




Global presence

“Reliability and being close to our business partners are very important to us. If you buy a Schaerer machine, you can count on us all over the world.” 

Cyrill Salzmann, Vice President,
Global Account Management



Coffee competence

"Coffee has unparalleled charm for us, and it always will. This fascination and our high level of expertise flow into new product developments as well as trainings and consultation.” 

Monika Oeggerli, Trainer in the
Coffee Competence Centre




“We not only stand for coffee enjoyment and technical precision, but also for flexibility. If we have to, we move mountains”.

Max Fetzer, Head of Industrial



Schaerer stands for flexibility. Our customers know and value this. With individualised consultation and customised solutions, we help our customers all over the world offer you the perfect cup of coffee. 

Our product range is small, but can be modified with great flexibility. An example is our best-selling machine, the Soul, which offers various configuration options. The successor model builds on these strengths with the new Select concept, which is ready for market launch. The redesigned optics are variable and not tied to the machine’s performance. Customers configure the Soul to fit their needs.


Coffee competence

Extensive coffee expertise is required to brew good coffee, and to build machines which promise to do the same. We have run our own Coffee Competence Centre (CCC) on our premises since 1999 so we can both develop and share this expertise. Specific solutions are developed here together with our customers. These range from the creation of individual recipes to the selection of the right bean mixture and assembly in the shop. 

We also offer standardised and individual trainings for our partners, customers and, of course, employees, for example the 360° course which gives extensive insight into the diverse and exciting world of coffee as a product of nature.




The Schaerer headquarters are in Zuchwil in the Solothurn region, at the southern foot of beautiful Mount Jura. This region is known far beyond its borders for medical technology as well as for being the home of the Swiss watch industry. This love of precision, quality and reliability provides fertile ground for a wide range of companies — and for Schaerer as well.

We stand for the Swiss qualities which shape our daily activities and the expertise inherent in these qualities, for example in engineering.



Our values

As part of the Groupe SEB, we share their values. You can learn more about the company here.

Link to the Groupe SEB website


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