Barista inside: Revolutionary milk system for high-quality coffee-and-milk specialities

Schaerer, the Swiss traditional coffee machine manufacturer, is introducing Best Foam™, a patented revolutionary milk system. Through the system's innovative technology, the hospitality industry can now enjoy the benefits of superior barista-level milk foam in the preparation of delicious coffee-and-milk specialities. In next to no time, customers get an exquisite cappuccino that meets the WBC standard (World Barista Championship) and features the characteristically dark espresso ring, as well as a latte art cappuccino – with no trace of the typical “coffee spots” from a coffee machine, with the special “milky/creamy” taste plus the perfect symbiosis of milk foam and crema. Those who like things a bit more extravagant can serve a "Fujiyama" chociatto or white americano "macchiato". And for the kids, the aromatic cold-milk creations with fluffy, spoon-scoopable foam are an appealing selection. For any desired recipe, the system delivers outstanding milk foam varieties based on the SCAE standard (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) – with consistent quality and incredible simplicity thanks to the "Easy Setting" concept. This concept has enabled Schaerer to perfect the fully automated preparation of individual milk-based coffee creations that live up to its "Barista inside" motto. Best Foam™ will be available for the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus starting in mid-2015.

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