Brewed hot – served chilled

At Internorga 2019 Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Schaerer demonstrates an innovative new technology that offers the fully automated preparation of cold coffee creations at a whole new level of quality: "Hot & Cold" for the Schaerer Coffee Soul. At their booth (Hall B1 (ground floor stand 207), Schaerer is inviting visitors to experience for themselves the superb taste of the coffee and the functional principle behind the "Hot & Cold" technology. A further highlight in Hamburg id the updated version of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner. The concept goes into production from 2019 and is available in various versions that are tailored precisely to the needs of its different customer groups. In addition, Schaerer is revealing a new booth design to Internorga visitors, reflecting for the first time the international market positioning achieved by the firm in 2018.

With the "Hot & Cold" technology for the Schaerer Coffee Soul, Schaerer Ltd. is once again underlining its wide-ranging coffee expertise, its instinct for market trends and its commitment to superlative coffee enjoyment. Under the motto of "brewed hot – served chilled", the freshly ground beans are brewed conventionally first of all. The beverage cooling system developed by Schaerer then comes into play to chill the coffee to between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius while it flows into the glass or cup. This principle opens up whole new possibilities for creating a large range of refreshing coffee specialities, with or without ice cubes. "Cold Latte or Cold Cappuccino are now unmissable options on many a drinks menu, alongside ever-popular ice coffees. With the optional "Hot & Cold" feature, we are fully aligned with this trend and offer caterers and restaurateurs a solution enabling them to prepare cold coffee specialities to the highest levels of taste and quality", explains Hansjürg Marti, Managing Director at Schaerer Deutschland GmbH. For milk-based beverages, the patented "Best Foam" milk system supplies cold milk as well as barista-standard milk foam in up to four different consistencies. The corresponding recipe is stored on the system and selected via the touch display. Over the coming year, Schaerer will be launching further features for the Schaerer Coffee Soul onto the market that promise maximum coffee enjoyment, including a syrup station for an even greater range of beverage variations.

The Schaerer Coffee Soul is recommended for an output of 250 cups per day, and combines future-oriented technology with outstanding beverage quality. Thanks to its modular design with numerous added features and optional accessories, it can be configured to meet the precise requirements of the relevant application.

Brewed hot – served chilled


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