Schaerer AG celebrates its 125th anniversary

The Schaerer AG success story began when company founder Maurice Schaerer opened a small shop selling healthcare products, surgical instruments and cutlery in 1892. In 2017 the company is celebrating its 125th anniversary and looking back over 12 decades filled with innovation and remarkable milestones. Schaerer initially made a name for itself internationally with sterilisation equipment and operating tables, but then in 1924 the company developed its first coffee machine and thus opened up a new chapter in its history. "Schaerer stands for a pioneering spirit, passion and Swiss coffee expertise. These attributes have defined Schaerer in the industry for decades now and played a significant role in shaping the WMF Group’s business in professional coffee machines," says Dr Volker Lixfeld, CEO of the WMF Group. Jörg Schwartze, CEO of Schaerer AG, adds: "A distinct culture of innovation has been one of the cornerstones of success for Schaerer since day one. Today we are proud that Schaerer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional coffee machines yet retains much of the character of a medium-sized Swiss company despite all its growth. What motivates us is the thought of developing technologies and solutions that set standards when it comes to coffee making. As part of the professional coffee machine division of the WMF Group, we have the unique opportunity of pooling all our knowledge and expertise and benefiting from each other." Schaerer is celebrating its 125th anniversary together with staff, partner companies, customers and friends at a number of different events this summer. To mark the anniversary, Schaerer is offering a special golden edition of the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus machine with the Best Foam milk system from August onwards. This is a limited edition: only 125 of these machines will be made. 

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