The “café to-go” for the highest level of coffee quality

Whether during a quick stop on the way to the office, in the waiting area at the train station or when window shopping in a shopping centre: More and more people do not want to go without their favourite coffee at the highest level of quality when they’re on the go. The self-service concept Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner is available as a "Ready-to-go" series model and can also be precisely adapted to the needs of different customer groups thanks to its flexible configuration options. Operators of cafés, convenience stores, petrol stations as well as bakery and hotel chains will therefore have the unique chance to improve their to-go coffee operations with a stand-alone solution for the highest level of coffee quality using freshly-ground beans and fresh milk. The Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner only needs one square meter of space and can be set up either in the shop itself or in a weatherproof location for 24/7 coffee enjoyment without additional staff requirements. 

Being able to dispense different products from self-service machines, from sweet snacks to sandwiches and even coffee, is expected by many consumers. The quality of the products plays an important role here, but especially when it comes to coffee, the taste often does not live up to expectations. Guests who select their favourite beverage from the extensive menu of coffee specialities using the large 32 inch touch display of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner can be sure they are getting the same quality as they would in a café. The secret: The centrepiece of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner is the same high-performance technology which ensures a high level of coffee quality for the Schaerer tabletop coffee machines. Tasty coffee creations are made of freshly-ground beans and fresh milk - even with hot or cold milk foam at barista level thanks to the Best Foam milk system integrated by default. 

Variants for the highest level of flexibility

The "Ready-to-go" Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner offers an optimum selection of features and accessories, including up to three bean hoppers and two 10 litres fresh milk containers as well as a refrigerator, waste water tank and cup dispenser. In addition, customers can choose whether they want their Premium Coffee Corner branded in Schaerer design or according to their own ideas. For this plug-and-play solution, the operator only needs a power connection and mains water supply to get started right away. In order to offer customers maximum flexibility when purchasing their Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner and the best possible integration into their individual business model, the self-service coffee concept can also be realized as a customized customer solution. As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the field of customised solutions, in the OEM sector as well, Schaerer provides assistance to interested parties from the very beginning to develop together the optimal product version for their needs. 

Connecting the Schaerer Coffee Link

All versions of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner are equipped with the digital Schaerer Coffee Link by default. In its fully functional form, the Schaerer Coffee Link collects and delivers comprehensive data from all connected machines in real time and clearly displays it on an customisable dashboard. The knowledge of all relevant parameters provides customer with the foundation for increasing efficiency throughout the entire value chain, from the purchase of the machine and adjustment of the assortment of beverages, the monitoring coffee quality and optimisation of the supply chain to predictive planning of service and maintenance.


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