You want the best for your customer - we have the machines that can do that

For restaurants

The highest-quality and widest range of beverages with easy operation.

  • Sturdy and durable coffee machines.
  • Individualised configuration options.
  • Provision of large amounts of high-quality coffee at peak times.


For office supply and vending

Reliable supply with high-quality coffee at all times.

  • Connection to conventional payment systems.
  • Monitoring with Schaerer M2M Coffee Link telemetry solution.
  • Time-controlled change of fresh milk and milk powder.
  • Lockable coffee machine including bean hoppers and powder containers.
  • Easy operation thanks to TouchIT.


For hotels

Barista feeling in hotel bars and high performance for breakfast service.

  • Reliable operation via TouchIT display even from untrained personnel.
  • Flexibility thanks to countless configuration options.

For bars and coffee shops

Barista quality for the perfect coffee culture.

  • Previously unknown quality of milk beverages thanks to Best Foam™.
  • High beverage quality, wide range of beverages.
  • Attractive design.


For convenience stores, take-away and QSR's

Optimum hourly output with minimum space requirements and easy cleaning.

  • Quick and easy cleaning and perfect hygiene based on the HACCP concept.
  • Wide range of beverages for all types of flavours, consistent taste.
  • Easy self-service thanks to TouchIT display.
  • Choice of manual (two step) and automatic (one step) milk preparation.
  • Integration of advertisements via display.


For mass and smaller-scale catering

Quality and user-friendly operation for the preparation of large quantities.

  • Provision of large amounts of high-quality coffee at peak times.
  • Easy, intuitive operation thanks to TouchIT display – even from untrained personnel.
  • Can be configured for service and self-service.

A wide range of beverages

The world of beverage specialities is diverse! Just like Schaerer coffee machines. Use different coffee blends, hot and cold milk, hot and cold milk foam, chocolate powder, milk powder and syrup to create magical beverages. There is no limit to how creative you can be.

  • Espresso  
  • Ristretto    
  • Coffee   
  • Café latte                     with / without flavour
  • Cappuccino                 with / without flavour
  • Latte Macchiato           with / without flavour
  • Hot chocolate 
  • Chociatto     
  • Cold Milk                      with / without flavour
  • Warm milk                    with / without flavour
  • Milk foam     
  • Tea

Fresh milk or milk powder

Some favour fresh milk while others prefer milk powder. Both types have their advantages, and both can be had with Schaerer coffee machines.


The advantages of fresh milk

  • Beverage quality for the highest standards
  • Very fine milk foam
  • Short cleaning time

The advantages of milk powder

Milk powder is particularly convenient for vending machines, offices and other self-service areas:

  • Less monitoring (no spillage checks)
  • Short cleaning time
  • Easy to refill
  • Supply from the Schaerer powder system


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