During longer breaks in operation, observe the information in the operating instructions of the Schaerer coffee machines, options and accessories. If you take your coffee machine out of operation for a long period of time, we recommend the following sequence. When doing so, note that the preparation process depends on the respective Schaerer model and the equipment variant.

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Schaerer coffee machine

  • Empty the bean and powder hoppers and milk containers. 
  • Execute a complete coffee machine cleaning process (including milk system and Flavour Point). Repeat the complete cleaning programme for a second time.
  • Disconnect the machine from the mains power (disconnect mains plug).
  • When connected to mains water: close the water tap. When supplied by a build in water tank: empty and dry the tank; remove and discard the (optional) water filter.
  • Depending on machine model and configuration, clean all those components that can be removed such as: the milk foamer, milk hoses, powder mixer, brewing unit, grounds container, product hoppers for coffee beans, topping and chocolate powder in accordance with the information in the operating instructions and leave them to dry outside of the machine. These parts can then be reinstalled.
    Note: In some models, it is not possible to remove individual components. Please observe the applicable operating instructions.
  • Clean and dry the machine interior behind the grounds container.
  • For coffee machines with grounds discharge through the counter, clean the funnel and collecting vessel.
  • For coffee machines supplied by an external fresh water tank and/or drained into a waste water tank: empty and clean in accordance with the operating instructions.
  • Put machines in locations with a risk of frost in a protected area or contact your service provider regarding frost protection.

Notes on the water filter

  • During long breaks in operation, close the shut-off valve in the filter system supply line. After breaks in operation of more than two days (weekends, holidays, etc.), rinse the filter system with 4-5 litres of water before it is used again.
  • After longer pauses in operation, please rinse the filter system with at least 20 litres of water.
  • If it was not put into operation for more than four weeks, a new filter cartridge must be placed.

Cooling unit and Cup&Cool devices

  • Switch off the cooling unit or Cup&Cool device and disconnect from the mains supply.
  • When not already executed in one of the previous steps: empty the milk container, clean thoroughly and dry it outside the cooler.
  • Clean the interior of the cooling unit with a clean damp cloth. Dry the cooling unit preferably with paper tissues.
  • Do not close the door of the cooling unit completely to let any remaining moisture escape and to prevent from mould formation.

Flavour Point

  • When not already executed in one of the previous steps: run a syrup cleaning process (part of the coffee machine cleaning programme).
  • Remove and close the syrup bottles; store in a cool and dry place.
  • Clean and dry the Flavour Point.
  • Do not close the door of the Flavour Point unit completely to let any remaining moisture escape and to prevent from mould formation.


  • Rinse the filter system thoroughly in accordance with the instructions (see water filter notes).
  • Check whether all prior removed and cleaned parts are correctly reinstalled.
  • Run two complete machine cleaning processes.
  • The coffee machine is now ready to be put back into operation.

These instructions reduce the probability of potential damage caused by a long period of machine downtime. However, this cannot be ruled out completely. Should damage occur during the downtime, its repair is not covered free of charge within a full maintenance contract.


Recommendations for machine maintenance during long periods of machine downtime (mains water supply)

Rinsing with 4-5 litres of water and filter exchange can be avoided if you do the following every two days:

  • Connect machine to the mains power supply.
  • Open the mains water supply valve.
  • Switch on the machine, wait until it has heated up and dispense hot water in minimum 5 times.
  • Run a system cleaning process without cleaning agents.
  • Switch off the machine.
  • Disconnect the machine from the mains power supply.
  • Close the mains water supply valve.

Test the functionality of the machine before it needs to be operational. In case of any issue the service provider can be contacted well in time.


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