Luckin supports the fight against the Corona virus in China

Large Chinese coffee shop chain Luckin Coffee thought 
of something special to help hospital employees in China during the coronavirus epidemic. On Luckin’s initiative, “Luckin Coffee Express” coffee machines, which contain 
the Schaerer Premium Coffee Engine, were delivered to various hospitals in Wuhan to provide free coffee beverages to medical staff. On February 18, 2020, the first “Luckin Coffee Express” was successfully put into operation in Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan. In addition to hospitals, this also benefited other institutions like fire brigades. The coffee from the “Luckin Coffee Express” is not only free but also safe – the machine is unmanned and works with no contact.





The unmanned “Luckin Coffee Express” coffee machine is a com- pletely closed vending unit. After the user makes an order with a mobile phone, a sequence of steps runs entirely automatically and without user contact, from beverage production to the closing of cups. This process without human intervention or touching, guarantees health and safety. 

Just four days after the request was received, the first unmanned coffee machine was installed in Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan. Starting at the beginning of the battle against the epidemic, many members of medical staff had gone almost without sleep and had to deal with both physical and mental pressure. “A cup of coffee is not only a useful and refreshing beverage for medical staff but also lends a sense of spiritual warmth”, explains a doctor from Jinyintan Hospital.

Luckin Coffee mobilised the support of global suppliers and logistics channels to supply as many institutions as possible.
But this was not the only action Luckin Coffee took in China in
the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. The company also donated 10 million yuan to pay for desperately needed medical care. 

In the meantime, Luckin Coffee shops have successively re- opened all over the country. During the epidemic, measures were taken in the branch stores to protect against the spread of the coronavirus, such as daily temperature measurements and the wearing of masks by all employees as well as the strengthening of the hygiene and disinfection management regulations in the coffee shops. 


“As one of the first hospitals active in the battle against the coronavirus, the medical staff of Jinyintan Hospital desperately need coffee to stay refreshed!” wrote a medical employee in a message to Luckin Coffee on February 14, 2020. On the same day, the coffee shop chain announced that they would provide “Luckin Coffee Express” coffee machines to hospitals all over the country to offer free coffee. Another reason was the closure of many coffee shops during the epidemic to stop the spread of the virus. Since medical staff generally consumes a relatively large amount of coffee and had an especially high workload during the coronavirus epidemic, the demand for coffee rose sharply.




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