Schaerer ProCare

Free your coffee business from worries

Worries down, added values up – system cleaning with the Schaerer ProCare.

The Schaerer ProCare is a real gamechanger for your coffee operations. The innovative autonomous system cleaning concept consistently raises hygiene, convenience and economy to a new level.

ProCare makes daily system cleaning not only absolutely safe, but also maximally simple:
The system cleaning program can be set for fully automatic use outside of ongoing operation.
and thus ensures up to 100 autonomous system cleaning cycles without external intervention.

Three reasons for Schaerer ProCare:

Fewer worries. More convenience.

ProCare makes daily system cleaning convenient: The cleaning program can be set automatically, even outside operating hours, and runs for up to 100 autonomous system cleaning cycles.

Worries down. Hygiene up.

Process safety is key to set hygiene standards high. Thanks to automatic dosing, nothing can go wrong with ProCare, even in case of frequently changing staff. In addition, the proper cleaning will avoid complications and minimize downtime.

  • Use of correct cleaning agent and dosage ensured
  • Minimal out of order time due to correct cleaning

Worries down. Savings up.

ProCare saves – in many respects. Above all, the savings in effort and costs incurred by less service, maintenance and downtime, so that the system typically breaks even after just a few months of operation. ProCare is also exemplary in terms of environmental and climate protection.

  • Fast amortisation due to reduced costs for operation, service and maintenance (up to 45%)*
  • Low water consumption and small CO2 footprint due to less physical interaction needed

Cost savings*

Calculation example based on the following assumption:

  • Self-service mode
  • Operator not on site
  • Interventions every second day

* The cost savings vary per application, as they are influenced by various factors. We would be happy to calculate your individual savings potential for you.


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