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Worries down, added values up – system cleaning with the Schaerer ProCare.

The Schaerer ProCare is a real gamechanger for your coffee operations. The innovative autonomous system cleaning concept consistently raises hygiene, convenience and economy to a new level.

ProCare makes daily system cleaning not only absolutely safe, but also maximally simple:
The system cleaning program can be set for fully automatic use outside of ongoing operation.
and thus ensures up to 100 autonomous system cleaning cycles without downtime.

Three reasons for Schaerer ProCare:

Fewer worries. More convenience.

The ProCare makes daily system cleaning safe – and relaxed: The system cleaning program can be set for fully automatic use outside of operating hours, and guarantees up to 100 autonomous cleaning cycles without downtime.

Worries down. Hygiene up.

Process reliability is the key to the highest standards of hygiene. Thanks to the automatic dosing feature, nothing can go wrong with the ProCare, even if staff changes frequently. Reliable cleaning also prevents complications and minimises downtime.

  • Guaranteed use of the right cleaning agent in the correct dosage
  • Minimal downtime thanks to correct cleaning

Worries down. Savings up.

The ProCare saves in many ways – especially when it comes to time, money and effort for service, maintenance and downtime. This means the system usually pays for itself after just a few months. ProCare is also impressive in terms of environmental and climate protection.

  • Rapid amortisation thanks to lower costs for operation, service and maintenance (up to 45% less)*
  • Low water consumption and good CO2 balance because fewer on-site interventions are required

Cost savings

Up to 45 % lower costs*

The calculation example is based on the following assumptions:

  • Self-service operation
  • Operator not on site
  • Operator intervention every second day

*The cost savings vary per application, as they are influenced by various factors. We would be happy to calculate your individual savings potential for you.


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