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Gaining transparency has never been easier.

Be completely honest... Do you always know what your sales figures are? Or which sites are performing best? With Schaerer Coffee Link, you can keep track of how your coffee business is performing – wherever you are and whenever you want. Our dashboard has such a clear layout that you can easily pick up on new perspectives for your business.



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How to gain transparency
through Schaerer Coffee Link.

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Access an overview of your sales figures

We know that the day-to-day running of your business takes over and it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Schaerer Coffee Link helps you to keep track of your coffee machines. Our standard reports have a clear and logical structure. They can also be sorted by date and arranged by level, e.g. site or sales region. And we can produce custom reports for you if you need a different angle. 

Answers available at a glance:

  • Which site/branch/region is performing best?
  • Which coffee drinks are bringing in the most sales?
  • What are the busiest times of day?
  • Which drinks are the most popular?

What’s in it for you?

Gaining transparency allows you to:

  • Plan your opening times, staff schedules and stock levels effectively
  • Work out exactly how many machines you need to boost your success

Monitor the status of your machines

You need to be in a position to respond quickly when something goes wrong.

With Schaerer Coffee Link, you know exactly what’s going on inside your coffee machines. Just open the dashboard for an overview of any machines that are out of action due to operational or technical issues. You can see the timeline of any tasks and errors. There are various filter options that allow you to view the exact data you need.

What’s in it for you?

You can avoid downtime by:

  • Keeping an eye on the status of your coffee machines
  • Viewing all the outstanding tasks and current notifications
  • Being in a position to respond proactively

Digital solutions for every need,

So now you know all about how Schaerer Coffee Link can help you keep track of how your business is performing and gain transparency. Fancy finding out how you can make your working day even more productive or start implementing new innovations? Keep reading right here!



Schaerer Coffee Link:
 compatible coffee machines

Can’t wait to gain transparency, optimise your business and implement innovations?
Find out now if your machines are compatible with our innovative Schaerer Coffee Link!

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 has a fresh style combined with a linear, functional design. With three intuitive user interfaces, this cool and calm machine can make virtually any coffee wish come true.

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 never fails to impress with its premium finish and clever lighting. It has three user interfaces and a display that can be used to play videos, which is ideal for advertising promotions.

The Schaerer Coffee Club is the entry-level model in our range of professional coffee machines. Small yet efficient, it has all the smart technology required to make a selection of delicious drinks.

The Schaerer Coffee Skye looks the part and is designed to be as portable as possible. Whether it’s fixed in one spot or moved around, it serves exceptional quality and variety every time.

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