Everything that’s good for your coffee business

Whether for coffee corners in offices, busy self-service restaurants or chain restaurants, Schaerer offers the ideal coffee machine for any requirement and output.

Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner

Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner

Traditional vending machine coffee ranges on the attractiveness scale somewhere between something completely forgettable and something that you would rather forgo entirely. The Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner specifically sets itself completely apart from this and instead offers variety, freshness and absolute quality. Added to this is their exceptional modularity and serviceability.

Schaerer Barista

The perfect Italian Espresso

  • Recommended daily output: up to 300 beverages per day
  • Italian Flair: it hisses and knocks like with a barista
  • Consistent espresso quality thanks to automated processes (coffee quantity, grinding, tamping)
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Fully automatic or manual milk frothing

For the passionate barista, specialty coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants.

Schaerer Coffee Club

Your introduction to the premium coffee world

  • Recommended daily output: up to 80 beverages per day
  • Slim build
  • Large beverage variety
  • Fresh milk or milk powder also possible combined
  • Easy to operate and clean

Ideal for the usage in restaurants, hotels, cafés, convenience stores, catering businesses and offices.

Schaerer Coffee Soul

Pioneer of a new generation

  • Recommended daily output: up to 250 beverages per day
  • Compact width of just 33 cm
  • Maximum variety and top beverage quality thanks to Best Foam™
  • Easy to operate and clean

Ideal for the usage in restaurants, bars, offices and vending areas

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus

Top performance in all variations

  • Numerous options and configurations
  • Milk Universe
  • Up to 350 beverages per hour
  • Extensive beverage variety
  • Easy to operate and clean

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, chain stores, quick service restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, takeaways

Schaerer Coffee Prime

The first choice for connoisseurs and accountants

  • Gourmet beverages at the press of a button
  • Perfect for self-service
  • Cost saving and environmentally friendly to operate
  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • Successively expandable
  • More power with the Powerpack

Ideal for offices, cafés, universities, hospitals, sports centres, cultural events, workshops, filling stations, car dealerships

Fully automatic coffee machine SCP

Schaerer Coffee Joy

vollautomatische Kaffeemaschine

Small, smart and fully automatic

  • The small professional
  • Superb coffee quality
  • 5 different beverages at the touch of a button
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Hourly/daily output of 30 – 50 cups
    (depending on the beverage)


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