Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner

Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner

Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner


Your Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner is perfect like a machine, unique like a human.

Allow us to introduce you to a genuine innovation, able to take care of customers, offering them freshness, taste and premium quality coffee indulgence. She is fast, efficient, modular and customisable. In fact, she has a special talent: adding a human touch to everything she does, allowing you to enjoy a delicious coffee moment every day. 

Are you ready for 1m² of quality, variety and the human touch? 

Whether during a short stopover on the way to the office, waiting for the train or a stroll in the shopping centre: the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner offers what fewer and fewer people today want to do without - their favourite coffee as they know it from home or from the regular café. Behind this is a sophisticated self-service concept that offers genuine coffee quality thanks to fresh ingredients.


If you think you have already seen one of these, think again.

You are looking at something completely original: inside you will find only fresh products, and we are not just talking about the coffee beans. The centrepiece of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner is the same high-performance technology which ensures a high level of coffee quality for the Schaerer tabletop coffee machines. Tasty coffee creations are made of freshly-ground beans and fresh milk - even with hot or cold milk foam at barista level thanks to the Best Foam milk system integrated by default.

«My favourite coffee»
When you approach the machine and ask for a coffeee, it’s almost like asking a barista: because in that cup you will find all the taste, texture and quality that a café can offer. 

«Is this real milk?»
Schaerer’s Premium Coffee Corner sets herself apart as a self-service machine with fresh ingredients inside. That’s right: freshly ground beans and fresh milk.  


You can choose the right package for your needs, allowing you to design your own individual Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner. Our technology, your personality. 

«What would I do without you every morning?»
Schaerer Coffee Link is a digital boost for your coffee business. A wide range of functions, data, statitics and additional services create the foundation for comprehensive monitoring, control and optimisation of your coffee business. 





Intuitive operation and promo space
Using the 32” touch display, coffee connoisseurs can choose from a large range of different coffee beverages. The clear and simple menu guidance provides further options and permits intuitive operation. The large screen also offers the option to create your own coffee recipes and prominently display promotional messages such as adverts or films, which is particularly helpful for branding and customer loyalty.


Schaerer Best Foam / Flavour Point

Schaerer Best FoamTM / Flavour Point 

To be able to offer a unique variety of beverages, the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner is equipped with patented Best FoamTM technology. Best FoamTM can be used to offer custom coffee compositions of the highest barista standard; there are no limits to the creative options here. The quality of the silky, glossy, snow-white and extremely creamy and stable milk foam remains consistent from cup to cup. A Flavour Point with up to four different syrups is also available as an option. There are therefore almost no limits to the variety of flavours and there is something for almost every taste.



In developing the Best FoamTM, the focus was not least on easy clean- ing of the system – the automated cleaning programme ensures maximum hygiene in just ten minutes.



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Maximum 4 machine configurations can be compared.

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