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Global Presence

Global Presence

Our passion for your success



1. Unrivalled technical expertise

Our service experts are there to provide competent assistance and rapidly resolve any problems. They are supported by the full weight of our global know-how.

2. A reliable global partner

The Schaerer service network has global reach and a reputation for quality and reliability. You can always count on this when working with us.

3. Focused on your success

All our efforts are aimed at long-term success. We take pride in seeing so many of our customers among the best coffee businesses on the planet.

4. Driving innovation

At Schaerer, we aim to find the best solution for you. We are developing innovative and flexible products and services to optimise your coffee operations.

5. We love coffee like you do!

Providing your customers with truly delicious coffee is not only our job, it's also our passion.

Your success depends on ...

Customer satisfaction

In a world where coffee is becoming increasingly important to people, coffee drinkers expect the best quality and consistency from their favourite beverages. In addition to the expectations raised by technological advances in recent years, you need to be able to serve customers at all times.




Machine Availability

Your ability to serve your customers at all times.




Coffee quality

Serving your customer a high and consistent level of coffee quality.


Day-to-day operations

The number of rules and regulations that you as a coffee machine operator have to comply with seems to be ever increasing. Paired with staff turnover, this presents a challenge to delivering the performance you need in your day-to-day operations. 



Operational Skills

Making sure machine and staff work hand-in-hand to please your customers.



Regulatory Compliance

Staying compliant with health, safety, security and environmental regulations.

Commercial success

A professional coffee machine represents an excellent foundation for commercial success. The challenge is to ensure the right level of financial stability to support your business plans with predictable follow-up costs and protection of your investments. 



Predictable Follow-up Costs

Reliability and the right level of commercial stability.



Investment Protection 

Maximising the lifetime of your coffee machine.

Did you know that ...

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clients trust in our service competence worldwide?

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own service specialists in eleven countries drive our innovations?

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Locations and partners around the world

Thanks to our global partners, you have continuous access to a service organisation that upholds the high standards of our services throughout the world.

Our subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium as well as our partners around the world offer the full scope of Schaerer services, including sales, marketing and technical support. A team of sales specialists and technical professionals supports our partners in over 40 countries.



You have the choice

Tailor-made for your business - individual designs, five models.
Serve first-class quality and maximum variety - wherever your guests want to enjoy tasty coffee specialties!

A harmonious combination of classic portafilter and fully automatic coffee machine - tradition made simple.


Your entry-level machine into the world of professional coffee enjoyment. Full performance with compact size make the Schaerer Coffee Club ideal for any environment.

Offer Schaerer quality and variety wherever it is in demand. Serve delicious coffee and milk specialties, anywhere.


An unbeatable star,
behind every counter!



With their high-quality workmanship,
a real eye-catcher.