Services Overview

Excellent technical support.

Services Overview

Whether in Switzerland or elsewhere in the world:
Customers who decide for a Schaerer machine can rely on a partner who offers
excellent technical supportthroughout the lifetime of the machine.

Your success depends on ...



Machine Availability

Your ability to serve your customers at all times.




Coffee Quality

Serving your customer a high and consistent level of coffee quality.


Operational Skills

Making sure machine and staff work hand-in-hand to please your customers.




Regulatory Compliance

Staying compliant with health, safety, security and environmental regulations.



Predictable Follow-up Costs

Reliability and the right level of commercial stability.






Investment Protection

Maximising the lifetime of your coffee machine.

Services Overview

Installation Get ready for an unique experience

The day your new coffee machine is first installed is one of the most important days in its entire lifetime. It will determine how your staff and customers value the machine. As we all know, there is only one chance to make a first impression. We share your desire to make a lasting first impression and have designed our installation services with that ambition in mind. Compared to traditional machine-focused installation services, our trained professionals look beyond and properly embed the machine into its operational ecosystem. 

Your benefits:

  • Fast and safe start-up
  • Water analysis to optimise settings
  • Individual training and advice
  • Customer-specific add-ons

Maintenance The key to consistent quality

Unplanned downtime and loss of coffee quality can be risks to your success. To avoid unsure customers and commercial impacts, we have developed an service concept based on preventive maintenance. Driven by our many years of experience and intensive research, we examine your machine and replace the relevant components in a highly targeted manner to keep it in perfect shape. Digital monitoring is taking the effectiveness of our service concept to the next level.

Your benefits:

  • High availability
  • Investment protection and predictable costs
  • Proactive checks to ensure quality
  • Easy ordering of supplies and parts

Repair We keep your business going

Even the very best equipment can have a weak moment. We know how stressful it can be for your customers, your staff and, in fact, your whole business if you encounter one of those rare moments where your coffee machine lets you down. Speed and competence are of the essence in such situations to get your machine working again. Our mission is not only to get you back up and running, but also to perform sustainable repairs so your machine is good to go, just like on day one.

Your benefits: 

  • Time-saving telephone support
  • Expert on-site technicians
  • High first-time fix rate
  • Systematic checking, cleaning and descaling

Highly qualified technicians

Highly qualified technicians

Direct training courses and expert training manuals are used to train and continuously educate technicians worldwide, keeping their knowledge up-to-date with the latest Schaerer developments. Schaerer also offers an eLearning platform providing technicians with self-study options as well as tips and tricks to support them in their daily work.

Schaerer Ltd.

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You have the choice

Tailor-made for your business - individual designs, five models.
Serve first-class quality and maximum variety - wherever your guests want to enjoy tasty coffee specialties!

A harmonious combination of classic portafilter and fully automatic coffee machine - tradition made simple.


Your entry-level machine into the world of professional coffee enjoyment. Full performance with compact size make the Schaerer Coffee Club ideal for any environment.

Offer Schaerer quality and variety wherever it is in demand. Serve delicious coffee and milk specialties, anywhere.


An unbeatable star,
behind every counter!



With their high-quality workmanship,
a real eye-catcher.