Everything for your coffee business

Everything that’s good for your coffee

Whether for coffee corners in offices, busy self-service restaurants or chain restaurants,
Schaerer offers the ideal coffee machine for any requirement and output.

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus

Espresso - Performance Meets Design

The Coffee Art Plus is the ultimate blend between performance and design. A new feature called finesteam allows even a novice to create perfectly finished espresso beverages. The Coffee Art Plus’ aesthetic design is ideal for high visibility venues, medium to high volume restaurants and specialty coffee shops. The machine’s 17“ footprint saves valuable counter space.

Schaerer Coffee Art C

Leading the Bean-to-Cup Coffee Revolution

The Schaerer Coffee Art C offers freshly ground and brewed coffee on demand, both hot and cold. The machine’s brewing technology is fundamentally different than other so-called bean-to-cup machines because it does not utilize fractional packaging or other substitutes but instead features integrated grinders and is preprogrammed to brew consistently to your flavor profile in one step every time.

Schaerer Soul C

The best self-serve coffee machine for your business

The Soul C is the next level in bean to cup, specifically designed to help you provide an unparalleled coffee experience for your customers.

Schaerer Coffee Club

Compact, flexible and powerful.

The Coffee Club is Schaerer's smallest machine, but great at brewing first-class coffee. It offers a variety of beverages of the highest quality and incorporates clever technology in a small space.