Schaerer Soul C

Redefining Innovation

Redefining Innovation: The Schaerer Soul C

In an industry facing escalating costs, increased QSR and coffee shop competition, and relentless varying customer expectations, the need for convenience store operators to enhance their coffee programs has never been more urgent. A powerful and flexible coffee program not only boosts your speed of service but also significantly reduces labor and waste costs throughout the day, increasing your bottom line, while guaranteeing that your customers enjoy the freshest cup of coffee every time.

The game-changer you’ve been waiting for is here. Our newest commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine, the Schaerer Coffee Soul C.  Presenting the pinnacle of bean-to-cup technology, this high-volume coffee machine offers the ultimate solution for your coffee program- whether hot or iced. 
One of the latest core technologies, Schaerer ProCare, is designed to simplify the user interaction needed to clean the machine. It guarantees daily cleaning, which is critical to the long-term success of your coffee program and equipment.

Bi-Directional telemetry, paired with our innovated Soul C UI, now enables you to truly customize the menu and branding for superior experience while selecting a delicious coffee product.  This feature will also allow for sending of all aspects of the menu, with the ability to send full recipes and calibrations to allow for smooth and consistent LTO deployments across your entire fleet

The Next Generation of Bean-to-Cup

The Best Self-Serve Coffee Machine for your Business

The Soul C is the next level in bean to cup, specifically designed to help you provide an unparalleled coffee experience for your customers. All while saving precious counter space and cutting down on labor cost and time with our most enhanced features to date, including:

  • 150-180 cups-per-day capacity.
  • Consistent and freshly brewed hot or iced coffee at the touch of a button.
  • With ProCare, this commercial coffee machine completes the automated daily cleaning without user intervention for 300 days.
  • Bi-directional capabilities allow for ultimate flexibility with robust marketing options:
    • Color schemes, background images and menu layouts are fully customizable to complement your branding experience.
    • Additionally, the Schaerer Coffee Soul C can display promotional images and brand campaigns as screensavers or on screen ads during beverage dispensing.
  • Auto Setup technology reduces machine setup time by half for fast and easy installation.
  • Auto Calibration technology ensures consistent taste and performance across the entire fleet for seamless LTO deployment.
  • ADA technology built directly into the drip tray.
  • Win back counterspace with a 13” machine footprint.
  • Enhanced capabilities in Telemetry: Schaerer CoffeeLink provides a 360-degree view of your coffee business, offering real-time data and advanced analytics.

Ready to take a giant step forward for your coffee program and provide your customers with the latest and greatest in coffee taste and experience? Talk to a Schaerer representative today.

The Simple Choice

Leading the Next Revolution in Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines… Again.

With more than 50,000 Schaerer Bean-to-Cup machines already in the field, the new Schaerer Coffee Soul C incorporates the best of what we’ve learned from our customer’s needs.  The Leaders of the Bean-to-Cup revolution are taking the helm once again, offering solutions that make your operations more efficient, profitable and satisfy the needs of today’s consumer.

Join the Bean-to-Cup revolution today with the Schaerer Coffee Soul C and deliver the freshest coffee on demand.  You’ll taste the difference – and so will your customers.

Whether Hot or Iced – The Schaerer Coffee Soul C Does it All

Cold beverages - The demand for iced coffee continues to climb.  Take advantage of the iced feature in the Schaerer Coffee Soul C and capture additional daypart sales.


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You have the choice

Tailor-made for your business - individual designs, five models.
Serve first-class quality and maximum variety - wherever your guests want to enjoy tasty coffee specialties!

Your entry-level machine into the world of professional coffee enjoyment. Full performance with compact size make the Schaerer Coffee Club ideal for any environment.

The Schaerer Coffee Art Plus is the ultimate blend between performance and design. Packed with features such as finesteam; it allows any users to create the perfect espresso based beverages.