Best Foam™

Milk foam of top barista quality.

Pure seduction.

Coffee and milk foam enjoyment that no one can resist.


Schaerer Coffee Club

The Schaerer Coffee Club is our new entry-level model into the world of professional coffee preparation. Anywhere where coffee quality is required in the minimum of space – in restaurants, bed and breakfasts, hotels, cafés, convenience stores, in catering and offices – this stylish, compact fully automatic coffee machine from Schaerer delivers a concept that has everything covered when it comes to preparing delicious coffee specialties: advanced technology, easiest possible operation, maximum flexibility.

  • Innovative operating concept of the 7" touch display with vertical swipe function.
  • Milk Smart milk system for the automatic preparation of coffee-and milk specialities.
  • Simple cleaning concept, including CleanIT for milk system.
  • Fresh milk or milk powder also possible combined.
  • Optional: Powersteam for manual milk foaming for a "barista feeling".
  • Compact size (325 mm wide, 570 mm deep and 501 mm high).
  • 4.5 l drinking water tank with level sensor.
  • Mobile use possible thanks to tank and mains water solution.
  • Connection of M2M Coffee Link telemetry solution.

PDFBrochure Coffee Club





Schaerer Coffee Soul

The Schaerer Coffee Soul unites an athletic yet elegant design with a number of refined technical features. It stands out with its pronounced gastronomical look and fits easily into any counter concept with its slim 33 centimetres.

  • Cup quantity of up to 250 a day - perfect for mid-sized restaurants, bars, offices and vending areas.
  • Gastronomical look - attractive, high-quality design highlights the value of the coffee machine. At 33 centimetres, it is particularly slim. 
  • New variable user interface - 8’’ touch display with large writing and icons. 
  • Can be set perfectly for operation by staff or for self-service. 
  • Patent-pending, innovative Uptime! descaling system prevents scale-related malfunctions. 
  • M2M Coffee Link - telemetry solution for data evaluation in real-time and for location-independent remote access.

PDFBrochure Schaerer Coffee Soul




Best Foam™

With Best Foam™ you can create individual milk-based coffee compositions of top barista quality. From Espresso Macchiato to Flat White and even Cappuccino Fujiyama. Fully automated, with consistently high quality.

  • As if handcrafted – Revolutionary, patented milk system
  • Variety of beverages – Powder system for even more beverage variations
  • TouchIT-Panel – Just press a button of individual beverages;
    it really couldn’t be simper
  • Automatic height-adjustable outlet – Provides clean, hygienic dispensing area
  • Flavour Point – Sirup system with up to four different flavour types

PDFBrochure Schaerer Coffee Art Plus with Best Foam™


One-of-a-kind: Uptime! descaling system

A true innovation is the patent-pending Uptime! descaling system for the Schaerer Coffee Soul developed by Schaerer.  It prevents scale-related malfunctions. To use it, simply insert a cartridge and leave the machine to descale on its own. The coffee machine is ready for use again within a very short amount of time - when the descaling process is started at night, the machine is ready for service first thing in the morning.




M2M Coffee Link - The telemetry solution tailor-made for your coffee business

M2M Coffee Link provides you with continuous cross-site remote data querying. The automatic data transfer between coffee machine and administration opens up new opportunities for efficient testing, control, and optimisation of your business and service-based processes.

  • For chain stores: analysis of buying behaviour and business performance
  • For roasting plants and operators: precise information at the touch of a button
  • For service providers: optimisation of servicing and maintenance cycles

PDFBrochure M2M Coffee Link


Barista inside

Every Schaerer coffee machine includes as standard our love for coffee, our many years of coffee knowledge and barista level expertise.

Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato – all the elements within our coffee machines are perfectly harmonised, preparing beverages that are equal in taste and appearance to the creations handcrafted by a barista.

Barista inside – for coffee and milk foam enjoyment that no one can resist.


Careers at Schaerer

Schaerer employs people for whom coffee is not only business, but also passion. We help our customers create tailor-made concepts and solutions for fully-automated coffee and milk preparation to achieve long-term success.

A modern employer with progressive work conditions and above-average social benefits is what you can expect at your new job.

Interested? Then take a look at our current vacancies!


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