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Schaerer Coffee ProCare

Worries down. Added values up. System cleaning with Schaerer ProCare.

With 100 fully automatic cleaning cycles, the new Schaerer ProCare autonomous system cleaning concept takes hygiene, convenience and economy to a new level – and in a relaxed way. The patent-pending system requires no interaction from staff, rules out user error and ensures efficient cleaning even outside opening hours. This saves a lot of time and money for operation, maintenance and service. Free your coffee operations from worries – with the Schaerer ProCare.

Coffee Skye and Coffee Soul Select

Coffee Skye

Versatility and style, everywhere. 

Stylish and attractive, the Schaerer Coffee Skye is designed for maximum flexibility. It can be used as a fixed station or a mobile machine, combining great variety with uncompromising quality.

Recommended for an average daily quantity of up to 180 cups.

Coffee Soul 10 and 12

Tailor-made for your business.

The Schaerer Coffee Soul comes in an aesthetic design and is available in two models and with three selectable user interfaces. This allows you to easily adapt the machine for different uses (staff serving guests, guests serving themselves, internal use). The compact all-rounder is rounded off with modular accessories.

Recommended for an average daily quantity of up to 250 cups.

Coffee Club and Barista

Coffee Club

Compact, flexible and powerful.

The Coffee Club is the smallest machine from Schaerer, but great at brewing first-class coffee. It offers a variety of top quality beverages and incorporates clever technology in a small space.

Recommended for an average daily amount of up to 80 cups.

Schaerer Barista

A unique combination of a classic portafilter and an automated coffee machine: Italy’s finest coffee tradition made easy. 

Professional-looking Barista coffee machine, yet entirely automatic and highly reliable. It combines Italian espresso-machine flair with ease-of-use and consistent quality.

Recommended for an average daily requirement of up to 300 cups per day.

Schaerer Compact

Which Schaerer suits you best?

In our compact brochure, we present our machine portfolio and the numerous customization options.