Schaerer Coffee Skye

Offer Schaerer quality and variety everywhere, 
where it is in demand.

We love it your way

Coffee competence

Für die benutzerfreundliche, geführte Auswahl des individuell zusammengestellten Getränks.


Für den regelmässigen Nutzer z.B. im Büro, der sein Lieblingsgetränk kennt oder nach Belieben modifizieren möchte.


Für die effiziente Zubereitung in wenigen Schritten dank voreingestellter Getränke.

Slim design, high performance

Tailored to your business.

The new Schaerer Coffee Soul comes in a completely revised design and is available in two models and with three selectable user interfaces. This allows you to easily adapt the machine for different uses (staff serving guests, guests serving themselves, internal use). The compact all-rounder is rounded off with modular accessories.

Schaerer Coffee ProCare

Worries down. Added values up. System cleaning with Schaerer ProCare.

With 100 fully automatic cleaning cycles, the new Schaerer ProCare autonomous system cleaning concept takes hygiene, convenience and economy to a new level – and in a relaxed way. The patent-pending system requires no interaction from staff, rules out user error and ensures efficient cleaning even outside opening hours. This saves a lot of time and money for operation, maintenance and service. Free your coffee operations from worries – with the Schaerer ProCare.

Discover the Schaerer world

A suitable machine for every application.

A harmonious combination of classic portafilter and fully automatic coffee machine - tradition made simple.


Your entry-level machine into the world of professional coffee enjoyment. Full performance with compact size make the Schaerer Coffee Club ideal for any environment.

Offer Schaerer quality and variety wherever it is in demand. Serve delicious coffee and milk specialties, anywhere.


An unbeatable star,
behind every counter!



With their high-quality workmanship,
a real eye-catcher.



Schaerer Coffee Club

Compact, flexible and powerful.

The Coffee Club is Schaerer's smallest machine, but great at brewing first-class coffee. It offers a variety of beverages of the highest quality and incorporates clever technology in a small space.

Schaerer Barista

Discover the advantages of traditional espresso culture in a new guise with the Schaerer Barista.

The Schaerer Barista combines pure espresso pleasure and the classic flair of a portafilter machine with the skills of a barista and the convenience of a fully automatic coffee machine. It is exemplary for a perfect Italian espresso with consistent quality from cup to cup.

Schaerer Coffee Link

The digital kick for your coffee business.

With the innovative Schaerer Coffee Link digital solution, Schaerer is launching a new chapter in the digitalization of professional coffee machines. The Schaerer Coffee Link gives you an unprecedented wealth of analysis and control options for increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness across the entire value chain: from adjusting the assortment of beverages to optimizing the supply chain through to predictive planning of service and maintenance


Three dedicated Graphical User Interfaces

Share your coffee idea with us: we will give you advice on the best machine configuration for your needs. What's your business about? What's the right size for you? What's your favourite coffee drink? And your customer's one? ...

We love it your way

Coffee competence, Swiss and Flexible - these three attributes have always characterised our daily work. The aim of the new brand identity was to unite these three attributes in a central idea and at the same time to focus on them. The result is "We love it your way". At the same time we defined the framework for the future presentation of the Schaerer brand.


Schaerer employs people for whom coffee is not only business, but also passion. We help our customers create tailor-made concepts and solutions for fully-automated coffee and milk preparation to achieve long-term success.


During long breaks in operation, observe the information in the operating instructions of the Schaerer coffee machines, optional accessories and other accessories.
If you take your coffee machine out of operation for a long period of time, we recommend the following sequence. When doing so, note that the preparation process depends on the respective Schaerer device and the equipment variant.


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