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Tradition made easy. 

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A touch of Italy on your counter

Three dedicated Graphical User Interfaces

Share your coffee idea with us: we will give you advice on the best machine configuration for your needs. What's your business about? What's the right size for you? What's your favourite coffee drink? And your customer's one? ...

Get Italian flair on your counter with the Schaerer Barista.

With its distinctive design, its Italian flair and the unmistakable hissing and knocking, Schaerer Barista looks and feels like a classic portafilter espresso machine, but it has a secret. We made it so easy to handle it is almost entirely automatic, leaving you with the most pleasant part of the show: time for your customers.


The refined art of grinding, tamping and brewing.

Grinding and tamping are optimised for consistent top quality. The exact quantity of coffee released in the portafilter is automatically calculated, and a perfetto espresso is brewed every time. The machine has two separate grinders, one for each of the brewing units. The process is also automatic: beans are ground, powder is filled in, without coffee powder being lost, and tamped into the filter, and coffee is brewed and dispensed at the touch of a button.


Everyone’s a barista.

Using Schaerer Barista is simple and intuitive, there is no need for specific skills to operate it like a pro. Everyone can be a barista. The automated operation only requires that the portafilter be inserted and removed, and grounds emptied, which also constitute the most scenic espresso-making gestures, typical of an Italian bar atmosphere. Milk foaming, another characteristic routine, is either manual or fully automated. This leaves the operator time to speak with the guests and to offer side orders such as a slice of cake or a croissant.

Why should you choose the Schaerer Barista?

A most comprehensive set of features allows you to immediately start serving the best espresso in town
thanks to a unique combination of tradition and state-of-the-art technology.
As for skills, the only requirement is a smile.

Keep cups warm

The pleasure of a velvety, creamy espresso also relies on the temperature of both coffee and cup. That warm sensation on one’s lips when taking the first sip is priceless. Keep cups on the machine’s top heater or instantly steam them up to the right temperature with the special SteamIT feature.

Perfection, automated

Optimal management and processing of the coffee beans and powder is the key to a great espresso: two integrated grinders, one for each brewing group, directly grind the beans into the portafilters, then the right tamping pressure is applied before brewing. 12 different recipes can be programmed, and additional blends can be used thanks to the “external coffee powder” functional button.

The power of steam

No authentic cappuccino or latte macchiato can be made without the fine-pored, creamy foam being poured from a steaming milk pot. The wand routine and the hissing sounds are part of the show. Schaerer Barista is equipped with two smart steam wands: the Powersteam is the classic, manual version, whilst the Supersteam is fully automatic, with programmable temperature and foam consistency.

Brewing like a pro

Three dedicated Graphical User Interfaces

Share your coffee idea with us: we will give you advice on the best machine configuration for your needs. What's your business about? What's the right size for you? What's your favourite coffee drink? And your customer's one? ...

Adjusting grinding and filter load in real-time like a seasoned barista

Schaerer Barista constantly adjusts grinding parameters and grind load quantity throughout the day. That’s what professional baristas do, according to their own experience. The machine monitors precise brewing times to determine the right degree of grinding and the right amount of coffee powder to be dispensed in the filter. A continuous process that delivers consistent top quality. This feature can be switched off for manual setting.


The coffee-science behind it

The extraction of coffee’s aromatic substances depends on the brewing time. One must hit the right extraction time for a perfect espresso, because both under-extraction and over-extraction will compromise quality. Brewing time in turn is influenced by the degree of grinding of the beans, the finer the slower, and the quantity of coffee powder in the filter, but it will further vary according to atmospheric conditions, which evolve during the day. Actual baristas will be more sensible to these, but Schaerer Barista can measure brewing times more precisely. Two methods, same principle, and same perfect results!


Optional features

Make it more personal and opt for some extra features
to best fit your requirements.

External hoppers.

On top of being an additional, attractive element of design, these two external hoppers with their stylish, high-gloss polished stainless steel lids and containing 1100g coffee beans each, have twice the capacity of the standard integrated ones. Being positioned away from internal heat sources, overheating is completely avoided.

Double Supersteam configuration.

You might find it more suitable to have two fully automatic Supersteam wands, with programmable temperature and steam consistency, instead of one Powersteam and one Supersteam, especially if staff are not specifically trained or have a high turnover. NB: If this configuration is defined, it cannot be changed back to the standard “one Supersteam and one Powersteam” configuration.

Choose your colour.

Wählen Sie Ihre Farbe

Colored foiling* for a personal touch.

Your Schaerer Barista classic portafilter machine is bound to become an important part of your location’s furniture and decoration, a hallmark of your authentic Italian espresso proposition, and to best fit your environment you may decide you want it coloured. A number of cladding foil options are available in different colours: a complete set of side and rear wall foils with matching trim in front of the drip tray, sides only, and back wall only.

* This option is not available in mixed colours combinations, only one colour per machine can be ordered. Available colours: according to 3M 1080 series.


Technical Data

Up to


espressi per day (recommended)

Up to


coffees per day (recommended)



grinders for different coffee blends 



external hoppers

Skye includes

a 8"


More than


beverages programmable possible

Bean hopper contains

2x 550g

coffee beans

Operation and output

Control panel and touchscreen: standard

Number of possible drinks (programmable): 12.5

Dispensing height (from portafilter spout) [mm]: 15.5

Adjustable cup tray: standard

Hot water dispensing, right side: standard

Simultaneous preparation of coffee and hot water: standard

Single shot through one spout (portafilter volume: 8–11 g): standard

Double shot through one spout (portafilter volume: 10–16 g): optional

Double shot through two spouts (portafilter volume: 10–16 g): standard

Triple shot through two spouts (portafilter volume: 15–21 g): optional

Steam wand: standard

Grinders and bean hoppers

2 grinders: standard

Bean containers: 2 x 550g

External bean Hooper: 2 x 1100g

Use of external coffee powder: standard


Width: 755mm

Depth: 548mm

Height: 592mm

Weight (net): 75kg

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Tailor-made for your business - individual designs, five models.
Serve first-class quality and maximum variety - wherever your guests want to enjoy tasty coffee specialties!

A harmonious combination of classic portafilter and fully automatic coffee machine - tradition made simple.


Your entry-level machine into the world of professional coffee enjoyment. Full performance with compact size make the Schaerer Coffee Club ideal for any environment.

Offer Schaerer quality and variety wherever it is in demand. Serve delicious coffee and milk specialties, anywhere.


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