The Sensory Experience in Theory and Practice

Dive into the sensory coffee experience: How does coffee smell and taste? How can he corresponding sensations be accurately described or defined?

In the sensory experience one-day course, you will be taught to identify the positive characteristics of coffee and to differentiate, describe and assess the tastes and aromas of espresso. You will obtain specialised knowledge and get the chance to do practical exercises. The sensory experience is an important requirement for competent communication about coffee.

Course content

Deeper knowledge about coffee sensations. Sensory basics as well as knowledge about taste, aromas, body and balance, both in theory and practice. Detailed description and assessment of coffee.

Course objectives

  • Knowing and understanding the difference between the subjective and objective assessment of coffee as a beverage.
  • Knowing how and for what purpose sensory methods are applied.
  • Being able to better identify, name and assess the positive characteristics of the coffee and its flavour.

Key information

  • Course duration: 9:15 am to 4:30 pm
  • Course size: 4-6 paticipants
  • Course location: Coffee Competence Centre, Schaerer AG in Zuchwil, Switzerland
  • Course costs: CHF 380.00 plus VAT


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